Fruit for pregnant woman in Nigeria, Nigerian pregnant woman should avoid these fruits

6 fruits you should take in moderation or avoid if you are pregnant (especially in your first trimester)

1. Banana

Banana is actually a harmless fruit, safe to eat and enjoy during pregnancy but if you are diabetic or suffer from gestational diabetes…
it is advisable you stay away from banana as it can raise your sugar levels.

2. Pawpaw(papaya)
The ripe pawpaw is safe and good for consumption with loads of vitamins and nutrients but unripe pawpaw should be avoided by pregnant women, it contains papain and latex in high amounts which actually have undesirable effects on the mother and baby which include Papain induces contraction and such abnormal contraction in early pregnancy may cause miscarriage or premature birth of the baby.

Papain also weakens the vital membranes of the fetus, making it survival difficult. The consumption of unripe pawpaw is completely discouraged especially in the first trimester.

3. Tamarind

In eating tamarind by pregnant women, MODERATION IS ACTUALLY THE KEY, taking excess tamarind especially in the first trimester can suppress the production of progesterone in the body and low levels of progesterone can lead to miscarriage, preterm birth or even affect the baby. Only consume tamarind moderately, it moderate consumption is highly beneficial to pregnant mothers.

Fruit for pregnant woman in Nigeria
Fruit for pregnant woman in Nigeria

4. Dates

Eating excess dates especially in the first trimester is to be avoided as it may cause the body to heat up as well, lead to uterine contraction.

5. Frozen Berries

Things frozen or canned overtime is particularly not healthy for pregnant women. It is advisable you go for fresh fruits.

6. Canned Tomatoes

It is advisable to cut on canned foods because of the high amounts of preservatives they contain, this preservatives can be harmful/toxic especially to pregnant women and their babies.

Though there is no scientific proofs backing that watermelon or pineapple have negative effects on pregnant women, it is still advisable they consume this two fruits in moderation, especially in the first trimester.



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