Are there Drugs for Flat Tummy in Nigeria? Flat tummy supplements?

Dear Nigerians,

What really makes you think that there are drugs that can help you flatten your pot belly? I have been reading so many posts on facebook and twitter about using certain drugs to quickly flatten out your big stomach. Drugs like frusemide and medications used to treat or reduce high cholesterol and fat levels are daily abused by Nigerians and infact Africans to achieve flat tummy…. This is very wrong and harmful to your health.

Let me tell you today, there is NO DRUG in the world that can be used to reduce your weight or burn belly fat…. If you like drink all the Indian and Chinese herbal tea that are erroneously labelled to reduce stomach fat.. It won’t work….you will only waste your money and time… It may even be poisonous to your body system. If you like drink all the agbo and herbal concoctions in this world, you stomach will not become flat… Don’t get it twisted.

Drugs for Flat Tummy in Nigeria
Drugs for Flat Tummy in Nigeria

Do you want to lose belly fat? Why not try and do some exercises and watch your diet. Why not do some abdominal exercises and eat more vegetables plus foods rich in fibres. Yes. Just eat foods that will not make you fat and you will be able to keep a relatively flat stomach. Ensure that you calorie intake does not exceed your calorie output…. This can be achieved with not rigorous but conscious and religious exercises.

How to achieve a flat tummy without drugs.

To have a flat abdomen, you don’t need drugs, just do push-ups, try yoga, try jogging, avoid alcohol by all means necessary, don’t drinking beer…. Do sit up exercises and eat right. Once again, be reminded that drugs cannot reduce your belly fat or make you develop a flat stomach…Developing a flat abdomen involves a lot of work don’t be deceived…. Shun and avoid all those “weight loss experts” who brandish all sorts of funny weight loss drugs on the internet and social media…. They are not only dangerous, they are a big big scam. To remind you once more, you cannot be striving to have a flat tummy while you are still gulping beers like Star, Gulder, 33, Hero, Extra Smooth, Legend and other beer brands.

To conclude, there are no drugs or supplements that can medically reduce your stomach size.. Don’t go and harm yourself with unproven and untested drugs. Exercise and dieting is key to burning excess stomach fat and achieving a flat tummy.

There are no supplements for flat tummy anywhere in the world… What about local herbs? Local herbs for flat tummy is a scam.

Thank you.

My name is Dr Udomoh


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