How much is epidural in Nigerian hospital, Cost of epidural injection in Nigeria

Before I go into the details, let me share a story with you of a Nigerian woman in labour that had a painless delivery with epidural injections and anaesthesia.

Read her epidural testimony:


WCW, one strong woman I know. By this time last week, I was in pains. I can say that labour pain is the worst pain ever. I had the option of having an epidural once labour starts but my mum won’t hear of it..She was just scared of it’s supposed side effects.she has browsed day and night on it. While in pains, I cried, I shouted. I pursued nurses who came to monitor my vital signs and baby’s heart rate..who are you to touch me when I had contractions.. I go bite you.

How much is epidural in Nigerian hospital?
How much is epidural in Nigerian hospital? A pregnant woman in labour getting an epidural. Credit: @BirthUprising

Doctor checked me,and said you are 5cm dilated.
I remembered my Obstetrics and gynecology ,that active phase na 1cm per hour,so this people think I would bear this pain for another 5 hours are turninonyourown. I took my phone and called the anaesthesiologist, Dr Humble (God bless you sir for your patience and for staying to resuscitate my baby). Sharply he came and gave the epidural and Daughter of God had a pain free period till delivery.(though you get to feel the stretch just like mild cramps) and requires intermittent top-ups
Even though devil came to act James Bond, but my God was too early for him.

Despite the elevated blood pressure that necessitated magnesium sulphate, plus delayed second stage, Akuabia was born healthy.
Nwa mu came out crying even when members of the medical team were scared, she was over active.
All thanks to my parents (my mother is just the best), my husband(sweetheart, thanks for your patience and love), my siblings, my sweet Mother in law,my sister in law, my in-laws, Dr Osuagwu and his team at Trust specialist hospital Owerri, best anaesthesiologist Dr Humble (highly recommended).

There is no prize for bearing pains. I tasted the painful part and pain free part, and I can attest to it. Please,plan yourself early in pregnancy and make your birthing experience a wonderful one.

Ask your doctor about epidural,discuss it,have it and you will see the difference. One week post partum gratitude. Let me dance like David danced. Cos what God cannot do, does not exist .. he is God.
Thank you Lord”


What is an Epidural?

An epidural is an injection in the back to stop the feeling of pain in a specific part of the body. An epidural is used for many types of pain management.

Epidural anesthesia is the type of epidural used in childbirth for pain management. It blocks the nerves that signal pain to the brain and causes numbness and tingling in the chest, abdomen, and legs.

How is an epidural administered?

An anesthesiologist or an anesthetist administers an epidural while you are awake, and often when you are in active labour. You’ll be required to remain very still while the epidural is being administered, which can be hard during contractions.
1. Typically, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area where the epidural is being placed.

2. You will either sit on the edge of the bed, hunched over, or lie down on your side, with knees curled up to your chest.

3. A needle will then be used to insert a thin plastic tube (epidural catheter) into your back and sit near the nerve that carries pain signals to your brain.

4. The needle is then pulled out, leaving just the catheter in place.

5. The other end of the catheter is inserted into a machine that keeps a constant medication dose flowing until it is removed.

6. An IV will be placed, if it hasn’t already, to ensure you are receiving fluids and staying hydrated after the epidural takes place.

Are epidurals safe?

Epidurals are usually safe and effective; however, they are not risk-free. You doctor will discuss the risks and benefits with you. The benefits by far outweighs the risks. There is usually a very reduced risk or complications with an experienced anaesthetist. In my years of practice I have never seen any complications that arose from labour epidural.

How much is epidural in Nigerian hospital?

Epidural cost in Nigeria is not that expensive but it is based on patient’s pocket. I spoke with an anaesthetist that administer epidural to women in labour and he told me that the cost of epidural in Nigeria is around #70,000 Naira in most private hospitals, teaching hospitals and maternity homes. In Lily hospital, St Nicholas, First Consultants, Cedacrest and many big hospitals in Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt,Kano and Kaduna , they charge about #200, 000 – #350,000 for epidural in labour. There are many maternity hospitals and hospitals in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Kaduna that give epidural to women in labour.

I leave you with is parting word from a medical doctor

It seems NIGERIAN women like tolerating pain. Why should I bear labour pain when there is something called Labour Epidural. I took a delivery recently of a woman who had labour Epidural at my hospital (Alps hospitals Jos).

Madam slept off while having adequate contractions, it was the nicest sight to behold. I had to wake her to push. She was so satisfied. Women, let’s break cultural barriers and accept medical advances. (Dr. Kenneth Egwuda)

PS: epidural is by request, if you want to have a painless labour, you have the right to request for it… You doctor or nurse taking the delivery will surely send for the anaesthetist on request on your request. It will only cost you more, that is, it will add to the cost of your delivery. It is your right to have a pain-free delivery.

You must not suffer because you want to give birth.



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