Best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria, Best bathing soap for dark skin in Nigeria..

I’m reminding you this morning not to bath/scrub your skin with a sponge accompanied by your antibacterial soaps, or medicated soaps or your black soaps.

It’s a homegrown bad habit you need to stop. You’re doing your skin harm. I will explain:

soap is manufactured by a basic ingredient called lye or sodium hydroxide. It’s a strong base and it’s primary effect on your skin will be squeaky dryness — a kind of squeaky feeling that makes you feel clean.

Best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria
Best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria

You must have experienced this if you pay attention anytime you use.

Your common bathing soaps marketed as either antiseptic, medicated, or anti bacterial soaps including your local manufactured black soap.

Any strain on your Moisture barrier (skin lipids that protect your skin from bacteria) will give rise to several skin concerns.

Sponging your skin(facial skin especially) is a physical way of Exfoliating which is frowned upon because it’s harsh and you’re basically bringing tiny tears upon your skin. You’re also over Exfoliating and this is damaging to your Moisture barrier as well, Leading to free passage of bacteria into your skin and increased skin sensitivity.

Stop it.

A basic way to differentiate drying soaps from non drying ones is that drying soaps contain lye or potassium hydroxide and hidden under the name, “soap base”.

While non drying ones contain emollients, humectants (Hydrating ingredients like glycerin, etc) and surfactants.

Surfactants are ingredients that give soap bars cleansing properties.

These are the most commonly used surfactants. They include alkylbenzene sulfonates (detergents), (fatty acid) soaps, lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), di-alkyl sulfosuccinate (wetting agent), lignosulfonates (dispersants).

Check your ingredient list, and you will see one of those.

A commonly used bar soap which can be used as a Cleanser and does not have any damaging properties listed above is the DOVE bar soap.

But nevertheless, throw your sponge away please. Thank you.

So now, some might say, “I’ve been using black soaps and they work for me”

Bruh, you don’t have any access to the Ingredient list of most black soaps, and marketing can be deceiving, and even if you do, you mostly might not understand what they mean.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be improving your skin concern and impairing your moisture barrier at the same time. Life isn’t balanced but your routine can be balanced and perfect. Improving one and impairing the other might bring you temporary relief but I promise you, You will get what you deserve sooner or later. Your Moisture barrier is a natural defense house for your skin made of lipids and moisture. Damaging it has it own unavoidable consequences.

So what should you use basically to clean your face?

You use cleansers. Some either be foamy or gel or lotion or creamy, it all depends on your skin type before you pick one.

While bathing, wash your face with water. You can get liquid body washes for your body as well instead of the sponge and soap.

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