How to prepare soursop leaves for cancer, How much soursop to eat to cure cancer, How to use soursop for cancer treatment.

Some medical experts and scientists have claimed that the leaves of the super healthy fruit called soursop are stronger at killing cancer cells – than the conventional chemotherapy treatment.

Have you ever heard of the soursop or also known as Graviola? Soursop, or also known as Graviola, is an exotic fruit known for its unique taste that many people say is a cross between strawberries and pineapple. Yes, it’s really delicious and super healthy! But besides being tasty, this fruit possesses amazing medicinal properties and health benefits. Bark, leaves, and root of the soursop tree have been used for treating and preventing a variety of health problems for hundreds of years now.

How to prepare soursop leaves for cancer
Soursop leaf tea is believed to be effective against cancer.

Scientists Believe tea from Soursop leaves is Effective Against Cancer

You may already know that the soursop is widely promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. However, there is no medical evidence yet. The researchers of this study also claim that the effects of soursop leaves in fighting cancer cells are better than chemotherapy. What’s even better, they’re much cheaper than the popular treatment for cancer, and the best thing about it is that it does not come with any side effects and complications. It is said that soursop leaves are highly effective against lung, breast, and prostate cancer.

How to Make Soursop Leaf Tea for cancer treatment:

How to prepare soursop leaves for cancer? Here’s what you need to do – it’s very simple!
You just have to chop up 10 soursop leaves and boil them in 3 cups of water.
Turn off the stove when about 2/3 of the water evaporates and only 1/3 remains.

DOSAGE – How much soursop to eat to cure cancer?

Allow the tea (one-third remaining tea) to cool down and consume it. Ensure that you do this two times a day for one or two weeks. This is the graviola dosage for cancer.

Research Summary:

Test-tube and animal studies using soursop extract have uncovered some promising results regarding this fruit’s potential health benefits.

Soursop is a type of fruit that is used in medicine and cooking. It is low in calories but high in fiber and vitamin C. Some research has shown that it may also have health benefits.
Test-tube studies show that soursop is high in antioxidants, which may help prevent cell damage and could lower the risk of chronic disease, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Some other researchers have posited that that soursop may help reduce the growth of cancer cells. A study recently treated breast cancer cells with soursop. Surprisingly, it was found to be able to reduce tumor size, kill off cancer cells and enhance the activity of the immune system. Another test-tube study looked at the effects of soursop extract on leukemia cells, which was found to stop the growth and formation of cancer cells.

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