Kayamata side effects: Does kayamata have side effects? The dangers of kayamata.

According to Jaruma, a kanyanmata specialist: “The aphrodisiac Kayamata originated from northern Nigeria, it is a northern thing, it is a northern thing (she repeats), it is a northern sex enhancing secret for thousands and thousands of years, yes centuries… it originates from northern Nigeria, people that speaks hausa, yes Arewa that it where kanyanmata originates from. For men and women with low libido, kayamata will help you. Kayamata is superb sex enhancer and “sweetener”.

Does kayamata have side effects?

Yes… There is no medication in the world -whether herbal or orthodox medicines that does not have side effects… Kayamato will not be an exception… Though a popular sex stimulant or sex enhancer from the north, there are some dangerous side effects of kayamata that you should know before using them.

Kayamata Side Effects

1. Infection

Using kayamata can very well introduce some kind regards of infection like vagina yeast infection to your body. In other words, your use of kayamata may be the reason for your recurrent vaginal candidiasis or recurrent vaginal discharge.

2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Still about infection but I decided to separate it because this is very important… Pelvic inflammatory disease is the cause of infertility in 1 in 10 women globally according to Mayoclinic.. Women who flagrantly use kayamata are at a great risk of introducing bacteria inside their bodies and as a result develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The symptoms of PID are: fever, vaginal discharge, foul vaginal odour, pain during intercourse, irregular menstrual periods and tubal tubal blockage.

Kayamata side effects: Does kayamata have side effects?
Highlighting the side effects of kayanmata.

3. Liver Failure

Kayamata is a herbal preparation which just like every other drug is excreted by the liver. The ingredients or byproducts in kayanmata may be toxic or poisonous to the liver and this can lead to liver failure.

4. Kidney Failure.

The kidneys also excreted ingested herbal preparations… The toxic by products that my be present in the sex enhancer called kayamata can shut down the kidneys leading to kidney failure.

5. Drug Interactions

Some drugs should never be taken together with some herbal products or concoctions… Kanyanmata can negatively interact with some blood pressure or diabetic drugs which may result in drug toxicity or drug inefficacy.

6. Allergy

Do you know if you are allergic to kayamata? There are been reported cases of ladies rushed to the hospital after taking kayamata due to some life threatening allergies.

7. Blood poisoning

Though this side effect has not been reported but it can never be totally ruled out. Inserting kayamata can lead certain level if the active agent leaking into the blood resulting in life threatening complications like blood poisoning and blood infections (sepsis)

8. Injury

As a woman, inserting kayamata in your body can lead to serious injuries and ulcers in your private part and pubic region.

9. Dryness

It is true that kayamata may cause you dryness and pain during intimacy. Some women say kayamata makes them feel and it does not work for them.

10. A charm?

Many a persons believe that kayamata is diabolical and used by ladies to snatch rich men or husbands.. So many persons attach spirituality to it… I don’t want to dwell on this controversy… This is a side effect to some people.

Written by Dr Udomoh for ©NIMEDHEALTH


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