An article on the cost or price of Konjac Sponge in Nigeria Nigeria, benefits of Konjac Sponge in the face and where to get Konjac Sponge in Nigeria.

1. Benefits of Using a tumeric soap can be minimal. It all depends on the manufacturer. They mostly contain high levels of added fragrance which is frowned upon.

2. Using a konjac sponge can be good for people with oily skin but there are chances of over exfoliating

while using it which could lead to an irritation of your sebaceous glands leading to an increase in the production of facial oils.

3. Using a toner isn’t really necessary except you wish to do so. Toners basically prep your skin for incoming ingredients.

Some toners can be enriched with added Ingredients like hydrating or exfoliating ingredients though.

4. Using a hydrating moisturizer is superb, because your skin needs hydration every day, every hour. Using one as the last thing before bed helps keep your sebaceous glands in check, repair your moisture barrier, controls sebum production, keeps your skin bright instead of dull. Hydration can do a lot in saving you from premature aging.

How much is the price of Konjac Sponge in Nigeria?

Well, it is affordable.. The cost of Konjac Sponge in Nigeria is aroun #2,500 – #3,000 Naira. Konjac Sponge comes in different shapes, colours and sizes… It is very soft on the face.

Where to get Konjac Sponge in Nigeria?

Konjac Sponge is present in many supermarkets and cosmetic stores across Nigeria. Online stores like Jiji,, Konga, Yoota and Junia also sell Konjac Sponge at prices between #2,500 – #3,500 Naira (cost of delivery inclusive).

Facts about Konjac Sponge

1. They’re Extremely Gentle on the Skin

2..Konjac Sponge gives you a radiant glow

3..They are Great Makeup Removers

4. They don’t improve pimples/acne

5. They Deep Clean in Just a Few Steps

6. Some Are Packaged in a Moist Environment

7. Just like every other product, Konjac Sponge has a shelf life(expiry date).

8. Different Colored Konjac Sponges Signify Different Active Ingredients.

9. They can be composted.

10. They Can Be Used All Over the Body

What is the Price of Konjac Sponge in Nigeria? + Konjac Sponge Benefits
Konjac Sponge in different colors.

The benefits of using Konjac Sponge was sourced from SKIN HERBALL, a twitter page on skin matters..


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