Does Aju Mbaise cure infection?

Before I will answer this question, I will love to share with you some facts about Aju Mbaise, its origin, uses and its health benefits

Aju mbaise an Igbo herb

Meant for nursing mothers

Gained popularity because weight watchers attest to its ability to burn fat esp belly fat

Tastes like Lipton

Originated from Mbaise in Imo, south east Nigeria.

Aju because of the shape

Hence aju mbaise

It’s an unorthodox method of trimming down post pregnancy belly fat by the Mbaise women when cooked with uda, uziza and ehuru. Aju mbaise wasn’t sold in Mbaise those days because almost all the women of child bearing age knew the bush to get it from.

Don’t add sugar

Instead you can add ginger,garlic, etc (ie other fat burning ingredients)

Can also be consumed like pepper soup, don’t add oil

My neighbours who are igbos makes aju Mbaise and trust me it works.. they really go through a lot gathering those herbs. But it works best for postpartum weight loss, gynecological diseases, hormonal imbalance. Weight loss result is fantastic that is if you have constant supply from the right source.

Who Can Use the aju Mbaise Herbs?

Anybody can use the herb depending on what you need it for! Not children and pregnant women though.

Nursing mothers: These herbs are usually taken by women especially those who just put to bed.

It helps to detoxify, cleanse and sanitise the stomach after delivery.

Women with big tummy who have given birth before.

Single ladies who wants to slim down.

Now to the main topic queation of the day…. 👇

Does Aju Mbaise cure infection?

Agreed, I have seen and read about a good number of nursing mothers who successfully used aju Mbaise to slim down their post-pregnancy big tummy after delivery… However, to say that aju Mbaise cures infection especially reproductive tract infection and other types of vagina infection like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection and STDS, is TOTALLY NOT TRUE. LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT AJU MBAISE CANNOT CURE INFECTION. Ladies who use it with the aim of treating their infection will only make matters worse by complicating the infection. In fact, it will introduce more harmful disease causing organism into you. There is no research conducted that have proven that aju mbaise have any antimicrobial , antiviral or antifungal property to cure infection… Don’t waist your time and money.

Don’t get it twisted, aju mbaise is good for slimming down but cannot cure infection.. If you notice any infection as a lady, then see a doctor ASAP for proper treatment.

Does Aju Mbaise cure infection?
Can Aju Mbaise cure infection? NO

Have vaginal infection? Please to to the hospital and see a doctor….



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