How to use alum to restore virginity?

Maybe you think you will get good information on how to use alum to become a virgin again as widely claimed or speculated….. I am sorry to disappoint your expectations…. The aim of this article is to tell you to perish that thought of restoring your virginity with alum…. It is NOT possible. Instead, ladies who use alum for their “inside bodies” are at a grave risk of the following health hazards:


Ladies what do you expect? Using alum with the aim of becoming a virgin again will only lead to vaginal infections that you never expected…. Infections like candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease are common among girls who have gone this path of “washing with alum”.


Yes burning… Inserting alum will burn you and will get you scarred…. Imagine the injuries and pains that comes with burning…. Don’t try it. This can lead to dyspareunia and disfigurement. I know you dont want that to happen to you.

Menstruation Problems

You don’t use alum on your body and not expect to have menstrual changes…. The menstruation problems may come in the form of heavy flow, scanty flow, no flow, painful menstruation and more.. Women who have tried to use alum to restore their virginity have also complained of fertility problems….. The relationship between washing with alum and inability to conceive is still not fully explained in Science.

How to use alum to restore virginity?
How to use alum to restore virginity?


Scarring can lead to gynatresia. According to a medical journal: “Gynatresia is the narrowing or complete occlusion of the vagina, which may be congenital or acquired. In Nigeria, acquired gynatresia is more common, usually resulting from the use of herbal pessaries like alum”. Women with this condition suffer from poor libido, no libido, pains during copulation and infertility.


It is a known fact that alum can cause poisoning when introduced into the female body… Trying to use alum to become a virgin again by insertion may make part of the alum escape into the blood stream and cause untold damage to the body vital organs. Alum poisoning can cause convulsions and kidney stones.


Some persons are very much allergic to alum… Women who use it may suffer from different forms of allergic reactions like contact dermatitis, eczema, asthma and even sudden death from severe allergic reactions.


Waste of money and time

Don’t go and waste your hard earned money trying to use alum to become a virgin again… It is a popular but fake practice that has been popularized by quacks and scammers. It is a waste of time, money and the purpose will never be achieved… It will rather cause you more health problems.

My Advice:

You want to become a virgin again? No problem it is your right and choice for whatever reason(s).. There is safe and medically approved means of restoring your virginity though it is a little bit expensive…. It is called hymenoplasty… It is a minor surgical procedure performed on ladies who want to remain virgins.. Learn more about hymenoplasty here.

Dr Udomoh


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