Can honey be used as a lubricant?

Sex is evolving everyday and the demand for sex lubricants especially natural sex lubricants have been on the rise. Sex lubricants are designed to enhance sexual function and arousal. Many persons have practiced or proposed the use of honey as sex lube but how safe or possible is this….. The question now is if honey fits the criteria of been used as a lube. We have both the water based lubricants, silicone based lube and the oil based lubes. Honey, from all indication, is neither of these three.

Well, Let us first see the criteria required for a substance to be called a lube.

A good good lube should help to prevent:

itching, pains, dryness, burning, chaffing, and other discomfort during intercourse. A good lube should not: be sticky, gummy, hygroscopic (ability to dry things up), messy, attracts ants, contain sugar, heavy, or have the ability to introduce infection… It is noteworthy that it increases friction and can there cause frictional injuries during intercourse.

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From the look of things, you will agree with me that honey does not in any way meet the criteria or qualities of a good sex lube. Honey is sticky, gummy, it contains sugar, and can make you feel dry instead of the other way round. Using honey as a lubricant is not only suicidal but also very unwise. It is messy and can introduce vagina infection and also urinary tract infection… Using honey as a lube will distort the acid balance of the vagina, killing off the good bacteria and making room for the bad bacteria to rapidly multiply… This is the reason ladies who have used honey as lube reportedly complained of developing recurrent yeast infection, poisoning, and discharge…

Can honey be used as a lubricant?
Using honey as a lube is harmful…

More so, women who have use honey as lube may find it difficult to get pregnant even though they have intact reproductive organs. This is because, honey may hamper the movement or motility of the spermatozoa after intercourse.

Also, the use of honey has lubricant will make the whole process of “meeting” boring, messy and discomforting. Imagine feeling sticky there thereafter….it is unimaginable and not something to look forward to.

In summary, honey does not in anyway meet the criteria of being used as a sex lube… This is because it is sticky, gummy, messy, have drying ability, heavy, distorts the vaginaL PH, can cause urinary tract infections, and vaginal candidiasis. It is 100percent not advisable to use honey for lubrication during sex… Be warned.

Dr Udomoh


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