Average body weight of a Nigerian – Weight of a man and a woman in Kg in Nigeria .

This article will answer the following questions:

1. Average weight of a man in Nigeria

2. Average weight of a man in kg in Nigeria

3. Body mass index in Nigeria

4. Body shaming in Nigeria

5. Normal weight for a woman in Nigeria

6. Causes of obesity in Nigeria

7. What is the average body weight of a Nigerian?

Let’s talk about being overweight and obesed.
You need to normalise being healthy and staying in health as a good thing, it is not old fashioned

There is what is called Body Mass index which regulates whether or not you are in the healthy weight zone.

This is the Body Mass index and you can know where you fall into:
If your BMI is below 18.5, you are underweight
If between 18.5-25.9- you are normal
If between 25-29.9- you are overweight
If above 30- You are obese

This is how it is calculated:
Your weight divided by your height in meters raised to the power of 2
For example, you weight 90kg and your height in meteres is 1.6
So that means 90÷2.56=35.16
BMI=35.16Kg/metre square

You are severely or morbidly obese.
And you shouldn’t join people to say “Na fat I fat, I not kill person”.
You “nor kill person” but you want to kill yourself😂


Average weight of a man in kg in Nigeria = 72Kg

Normal weight for a woman in Nigeria = 60-65kg

Weight is dependent on your height.

There are many disadvantages of being overweight and obese.

1. You are prone and vulnerable to heart diseases including heart blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

The normal blood pressure is 120/80mmhg and anything above 140/90mmhg. Excess fat damages the kidneys and gathers around the blood vessels which makes pumping blood and circulation of oxygen harder for the blood cells.

So what is ordinary fat can pose serious health issues. High blood pressure can cause stroke because of poor supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and obesity and being overweight increases the blood pressure. Heart failure is another thing that obesity can instigate.

2. Obesity amplifies stress and makes you prone to opportunistic health disorders like hypertension and diabetes . Have you noticed how fat people breathe after walking small distances…. That fast breathing from little work is a sign that your health is not okay. Obesity amplifies stress and makes the body do twice than normal it’s ability to control and manage stress.

A healthy person should be able to take at least 4000 steps a day and atmost 18,000 steps. So being obese won’t even let you walk up to a thousand steps before you begin to gasp for air and water. Everything is amplified in the obese and overweight person including health issues.

Obesity affects blood sugar regulation. It makes people insulin resistant which makes it difficult for blood sugar regulation
Most overweight and obese people snore. I said “most” not all. Some slim people snore too. Heavy snoring is as a result of airway blockade which can be as a result of excess fat around respiratory organs.

P.S- You can test how healthy your heart is. Do 20 skips daily. The first 3 days you will and should breath heavily especially if you haven’t done it in a while or this is your first time. If you still breathe too heavily after the first 3 days….. Your heart is not healthy.
20 skips…. Not 200 skips please😂😂😂

3. For pregnant women, being overweight and obesed can pose serious health issues to the mother and child which includes Pregnancy preenclampsia which is pregnancy induced high blood pressure. Which is a major cause of maternal deaths. It can cause gestational diabetes. It can induce early labor and still births.

Cravings are associated with pregnancy but reduce excessive sugar intake and get involved with minimal exercises even in pregnancy. Get moving.

On a final note, words like lekpa, orobo are body shaming words in Nigeria that we have now accepted to be normal… Lekpa means skinny while orobo means fat or obese. Other common body shaming words in Nigeria are “stockfish” which means thin, body or skinny and “pig” which denotes fat, overweight or obese. No matter the circumstances, don’t use these hurtful words on anybody.. Stop body shaming people!

Average body weight of a Nigerian - Weight of a man and a woman in Kg in Nigeria
What is the average body weight of a Nigerian?

Have you calculated your Body Mass index?

Are you overweight and obese?

Let me help you today.

Susan Dare


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