Nigerian breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan for a week.

Let’s talk about eating time for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Nigeria.

Should we really eat at anytime we feel like eating? Should we just wake up in the morning and the first thing is food? Does it really matter how we eat and what time we eat?

Yes it does. It is important you prepare your body to receive food everyday. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing should not be bread, the first thing should be water. Wake up every morning and drink water first, it is a preparation mechanism. Flushes and cleans your system and keeps your hydrated. Some people even eat in the morning and not remember to drink water.

Nigerian breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan for a week
Understanding when to eat Nigerian breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast should be between 7 and 9 am. Anything by 11am is no longer breakfast, and breakfast should be light. Don’t begin your day like a warrior….. Fufu and hot soup. Your first meal affects your whole body system for that day. Take tea and some slices of bread and add watermelon. You can eat bread and half slice of avocado (one piece of avocado container 324 calories, some people eat 2 or even 3, that is over 900 calories. This is one reason people over eat) it is advisable to eat half slice. You can take beans, moi moi or akara for breakfast, it is better than fufu.

There are foods you eat in the morning and your stomach is ruined for the day. So don’t just eat anything in the morning. Lunch should be 4hours after breakfast to aid digestion. Don’t eat your breakfast and lunch too close, you may constipate. Lunch is the major meal for the day, ensure you have a touch of vegetables and proteins for lunch. Eat meat well especially goat meat, chicken or turkey. Eat eggs every 2-3 days. Their proteinous nature help in muscle build up. Fruit can be eaten 1-2hours after lunch. Early dinner can be 6 and later dinner by 8. Food from 10pm, 11pm, 1am is not advisable. If you missed you dinner, sleep like that.

Late night eating is a major reason people develop belly fat and constipation. Make dinner light. 2 slices not fingers, slices of unripe plaintain is okay. You can just take oatmeal or fruit salad. Don’t eat and sleep immediately, belch first, sleep 2 hours after dinner, let your food digest. Some people sleep off while eating and wake up the next day, for such people… We have no words. Don’t load bowls of Eba for dinner…. Too heavy …. Too heavy. That’s why some people wake up with headache and stomach upset in the morning. And drink lots and lots of water. Instead of fruit juice, blend fruit and you will be fine

Take care of your health by watching what and how you eat. Be deliberate about this. Choose to live healthily…

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