Top Eczema Treatment Creams in Nigeria..

Eczema also known medically as atopic dermatitis has no cure, but there are lifestyle habits that can help you manage the symptoms.

Symptoms include:

• Itching (most common symptom)
• Dry skin
• Rash, usually consisting of red or scaly areas of skin.
Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease that causes dry, itchy and thickened skin.

Areas commonly affected by atopic dermatitis are:

In Infants: face, scalp, neck, elbows and knees.

In Children: front of elbows, behind knees

In Adults: front of elbows, behind knees, face, neck.

Put in mind that the severity of atopic dermatitis and the frequency and duration of outbreaks will vary among people.
Treatments in children may be particularly difficult in children. You should see your doctor.

Top Eczema Treatment Creams in Nigeria
Best Eczema Treatment Creams in Nigeria…

Daily routines to help you manage your symptoms should include:

1. Moisturizers which are a very crucial part of treatment for eczema and people with dry skin. Apply moisturizers formulated for dry skin which are mostly thick and rich on your damp skin immediately after bath.

For eczema treatment using shea butter, use it as you would any other moisturizer. Take a short bath or shower with warm water twice a day. Gently pat yourself dry afterward with a soft, absorbent towel. Then apply shea butter to your damp skin.

No lotions please, as they are mostly water based and contains alcohol-based fragrance which can cause more irritations.

2. Take brief baths or showers—no more than 10-15 minutes. Do not soak yourself in water for long periods of time. Lukewarm water is best water temperature.

3. Limit your use of soap, especially antiseptic soap(this is a very common attitude among Nigerians), don’t apply perfumes on your bare skin as they are fragrance filled and can cause severe irritation. Try non-soap cleansers for your face instead.

Avoid anything that contains alcohol and fragrances.

Keep your skin moisturized to minimize irritation, and try not to scratch or rub whenever possible. Ask your doctor about medicines to relieve the itching.

And lastly, eczema has nothing to do with hygiene.

Anybody, especially people with dry skin can be affected. If your symptoms become noticeably worse, or are not responding to lifestyle changes or prescribed treatment, notify your doctor.

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