How much is the Cost of Neutrogena Sunscreen in Nigeria? See the price of Neutrogena sunscreen in Nigeria 👇

Hi, to my new followers. To be fully part of this family you must get a family card. That family card is a sunscreen.

According to google; Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, is a lotion, spray, gel, foam, or other topical product that absorbs or reflects…

some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn.

I can bet that you reading this tweet have sunburn. The tone on your face is uneven.

Yes or no?

These are overtime effects of excessive sun exposure:

1. Dark eye circles.
2. Darker skin tone.
3. Aggressive burns.
4. Increased inflammations of acne.
5. Redness
6. Increased skin sensitivity.
7. Skin cancer.

Most people send me dm’s asking for cream recommendations for even skin tone. They don’t realize that they get darker due to sun exposure, and no cream will work except sunscreen.

They take this same request to organic vendors, and the next order is body milk for Hot chocolate skin, cold chocolate skin, intense whitening, etc and you have no idea of the different ingredients they contain.

The effects: skin bleaching, thinner skin and pigmentation

Their assumptions: “as long as you continue to rub that cream, the pigments will fade off one day”

For people who are naturally fair, who use this organic products, check the tone around their eyes and their cheeks. It’s a little bit red… That’s sunburn.

What’s my point? There are trusted organic brands with trusted products but the market is saturated and so we have bad ones too who don’t even know what a sunscreen is talk more of recommending it to their customers, and we can’t continue to gamble our skin off.
By attempting every product that crosses your path. You need to be educated about your skin. You need to make deliberate efforts.

Now a sunscreen is not carrot oil.
A sunscreen isn’t Shea butter.
A sunscreen isn’t tomato juice.
A sunscreen isn’t rice water.

Or whatever you have in mind. A sunscreen is a dermatological and scientifically approved product that absorbs or reflects the sun’s rays.

There are two types:

Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and then absorbs UV rays, converts the rays into heat, and releases them from the body. … Physical sunblock sits on top of the skin and reflects the sun’s rays. The minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the main active ingredients

In physical sunscreens. These are some brands you can get: Neutrogena hydro boost sunscreen.

How much is the Cost Neutrogena Sunscreen in Nigeria?

How much is Neutrogena Sunscreen in Nigeria? Neutrogena Sunscreen price in Nigeria is about #3,500 – #5,000 Naira. The cost of Neutrogena sunscreen in Nigeria also vary with shops, cities and locations. Neutrogena may be more expensive in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Neutrogena sunscreen is available in many cosmetics shops, supermarkets, malls and online supermarkets like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and Alibaba.

How much is the Cost of Neutrogena Sunscreen in Nigeria?
Cost of Neutrogena sunscreen in Nigeria

Other important sunscreens are:

Black girl sunscreen

Cerave sunscreen

Skin Herball


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