Somuroro: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatment & Home Remedies.

Somuroro is a Yoruba word that can mean disease affecting the breast in English and every yorubic herbal effort has been employed in curing it.

According to my understanding from research, Somuroro mean the following breast diseases in Yoruba language. English name for somuroro:

1. Breast swelling during menstruation (cyclical somororo)
2. Breast tenderness during menstruation (cyclical)
3. Breast discharge during menstruation or not related to period called galactorrhoea
4. Breast lump
5. Breast inflammation called mastitis – inflammatory somuroro
6. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Somuroro: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatment & Home Remedies
What is Somuroro and how can it be treated?

Somuroro (also known as ase omu or ase oyan), also known as mastalgia, mammalgia (breast pain), and mastodynia (breast pain) , is common and may include a dull ache, heaviness, tightness, a burning sensation in the breast tissue, or breast tenderness during or after menstruation.

Causes of somuroro:
-Injury or improper fitting innerwears
-Fibrocystic changes
-Hormone therapy
-hormonal imbalance
-weight gain or obesity
-breast cancer
-trauma to the breast


If the pain is linked to the menstrual cycle, it is known as cyclical mastalgia (cyclical somuroro).

* In the majority of cases, pain from somuroro is not a sign of breast cancer.

* The pain comes cyclically, just like the menstrual cycle.

* The breasts may swell.

* The breasts may become lumpy ( hard lump).

* Both breasts are typically affected, especially the upper, outer portions.

* Breast discharging milk even without being a breast feeding mother.

* The pain can spread to the underarm.

* Pain becomes more intense a few days before a period begins. In some cases, pain may start a couple of weeks before menstruation

Symptoms of non-cyclical #somuroro

* It affects just one breast, usually just within a small section of the breast, but may spread across the chest.
* It is common among post-menopausal women (women that have stopped seeing their period – 50 years and above)
* The pain does not come and go in a menstrual cycle time-loop


* Mastitis – if the pain is caused by infection within the breast, the woman may have fever

Somuroro symptoms may manifest:
-During puberty, affecting females and in rarer instances males
-Before and during menstruation
Around menopause
-During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester
-After giving birth, as breast-feeding begins.


Diagnostic procedures:
-Clinical breast examination
-Tissue biopsy
-Hormonal Profile to check your prolactin, oestrogen, thyroid and your progesterone blood levels.


* In the majority of #somuroro, cyclical breast pain by taking painkillers and *wearing well-fitted #bras.

* Please see a doctor to examine so as to know the kind of somuroro you have…. especially if you feel any lump in your breast and your symptoms persist even after your period.

* For somuroro that causes your breast to be bringing out milk even when you are not pregnant, you are not a breastfeeding mother, please see a doctor – it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance caused by sometime not very good – prolactinoma or outright breast cancer.

* Evening primrose oil supplements

* caffeine restriction

* stop smoking. ( nicotine constricts the blood vessels)

* Medical treatment: Danazol, Bromocriptine
Dose and duration of therapy consultant will decide , varies from patient to patient.

Home remedies for Somuroro

Wear a well-fitting bra without underwire
✅ Put a heating pad on your belly & lower back.
✅ Limit caffeinated beverages
✅ Hydrate & reduce salt
✅ Exercise regularly
✅ Eat right & slim down
✅ Destress yourself
See a doctor if symptoms persist…. especially lumps in the breast.


You may try using all sorts of herbs for somuroro, but it will not work.. Go to the hospital.


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