Eda (Sperm Leakage): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. Eda treatment in Yoruba with herbs…

What is the cause of eda? What are the causes of Eda in woman?

Please read this article and know what medical experts say about sperm leakage👇

Eda is a Yoruba word that simply means sperm leakage in women. Igbo and Hausa name for sperm leakage is not known. A lot of Nigerians think eda is a fertility problem and because of that, they take all sorts of herbal concoctions called agbo eda while looking for treatment. But is eda really something to worry about?

Here is what a doctor have to say about sperm leakage, popularly called eda in Yoruba 👇

Why does Semen Leak out after secz?

1) The Law of gravity: Whatever goes up…
2) It’s fluid he ejac.*ulated, not air or solids.

3) All it takes is agile sperm cells to swim up for fertilization. The fluid is just a medium.

So sis, bring your leg down. You’re good. It is a normal thing.

Eda (Sperm Leakage): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
A woman “battling” eda

A lot of women, especially those looking to conceive have been led to believe you need to prop your leg up a wall to let the sem.en ‘enter’ your womb.

Unless, you’re doing this for the fun of it… it hasn’t actually been shown to contribute to your fertility chances.

After ejacula*tion,

Some of the sperm will remain in the back of the kpekpe (the posterior fornix). An even smaller amount makes its way up through the cervix, into the uterus and down the fallopian tubes. Sperm (cell) travels quickly, so within minutes, it’s enroute fallopian tube.

It’s in the Fallopian tubes that the egg waits to receive the sperm. Fertilization can then occur.

Semen will leak out after secsx, unless a raincoat is used and there’s not much one can do about it. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with the man or woman. EDA has no clear-cut symptoms other that leakage of semen from the woman after intercourse. It is not a disease.

If you feel leakage is too plenty…
In fact, it could be a good sign, since it indicates that there’s enough sperm to result in pregnancy.

So you see… just time your ovulation right. Know your menstrual cycle and try. If after a year of adequate, regular, unprotected nakamora…

The woman is still unable to conceive… then you might both need to go see a Gynaecologist for thorough clinical examination, to ascertain the issue.

It could equally be factors from the Man, the woman or even both.

Infertility isn’t just female.
Sperm quality over quantity



Lol…Tbh Doc,me too I use to raise leg up sometimes. Not cos I don’t know it doesn’t do anything…it just gives me that sense of doing something extra. The struggle is real for women TTC’ing. Yoruba call it Eda and they will suggest all manner of agbo that is just bs,IMO.

Ignatius Catherine

You need to take this to facebook oo. you will see post like anytime my husband has … with me, his sperm comes out and I’m trying to conceive. No, that is not the problem, the comments and suggestions are.

There are no drugs for sperm leakage in woman. There is no treatment for sperm leakage in a woman.

Can infection cause sperm leakage in a woman? The answer is no.

All herbal treatment for sperm leakage do not work because it is not an issue in the first place.

Thread by Dr Chioma Nwakanma – Akanno
Image Credit: Medical News Today


  1. I had my period on the 18th last month

    So my ovulation was on 2 of which I met with my man but the sperm came out…and now this month I haven’t seen my period this month…have missed the date ….is it possible to be pregnant while having EDA?

  2. Today is my ovulation last day , ND I meet man to my surprise, almost all the perm come out , ND it’s really got me confused,

  3. I didn’t think it is normal because that’s what am facing nice last year. I need baby please if there’s anything you can do to help me please do

  4. Am 27years of age and never conceived once in my life I fell pain in my abdomen whenever am having … and also experience sperm leakage what can I do.I was told I have Eeda and am afraid if I take herbal concortion it might result into something else pls help me

  5. Pls doctor am trying to conceive I have use so many drugs both herbs still the same but wat I notice is that my husband sperm is watery pls wat can he use

  6. This is the major problem of infertile in women nowadays.may God help us.am also tired of raising legs up,using pillow to raise the hip up,taking herbs of eda.


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