Natural remedies for sunburn in Nigeria (+ Creams), best facial creams for sunburn in Nigeria, Home remedy for sunburn dark skin,

Do these things if you want to clear your sunburns:

You can’t live in Nigeria and not get sunburned. So this thread literally addresses everyone.

See let me tell you, sunburn is literally dark patches appearing on your face(mostly around your eyes and forehead) and some part of your body because of excessive exposure to the sun.

Check your face in the mirror, you just will know that you have been burnt by the sun.

Natural remedies for sunburn in Nigeria (+ Creams)
Natural remedies for sunburn in Nigeria (+ Creams)

Everyone gets sunburned, whether you are black or white. Your Skin tone should be even.

Once you get sunburned, clearing them might be difficult but it’s eventually possible. You just have to be consistent with your routines.

See how:

1. Sometimes, your sunburns might sting and whether they do or not, take frequent cool baths, Pat dry (but not completely) your skin, and apply moisturizer to trap the water in your skin to prevent dryness.

A good moisturizer you can get is Neutrogena oil free moisturizer.

Remedies for sunburn
Neutrogena – a popular Nigerian cream used for sunburn

2. As part of your skin treatment, apply aloevera on your burns, either fresh or OTC (over the counter)

If you’re using fresh, let it sit for 1hr before applying on your skin to prevent irritations.

3. Drink extra water everyday and stop your soda intake because soda’s don’t keep you hydrated, and sunburns draw liquid away from other parts of the body to sunburnt surface.

This will make you hydrated constantly.

4. Allow your blisters to heal. Blistering skin means you have a second degree sunburn. Do not pop these blisters as they form to help your skin heal and protect your skin from infections.

5. This is the oga pata pata of them all.

Wear sunscreen. Literally, sunscreen protects you from the rays of the sun that burns your skin. If you treat your skin, and you don’t apply sunburn during the day, you are just wasting your time.

You shouldn’t just buy any sunburn Cream because I said apply sunscreen. You guys mostly wanna buy cheap and eventually fake products. Treat your skin with respect.

Most sunburn creams leave a white cast on your face. It isn’t really nice as they don’t sink into your skin.

Blackgirl sunscreen, etc. These ones are sure banker.

Be consistent. Like I said earlier, treat your skin with respect and it will respect you. I hope this thread was helpful.

Please note that if you’re treating your skin with aloevera, and you experience any allergic signs like redness and irritations, stop usage immediately. And your sunscreen shouldn’t irritate your skin. If it does, change the product.

I’m literally addressing people with sensitive skin.

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