Side Effects and Amazing Health Benefits of Cassava Leaves, Cassava leaf as blood tonic, cassava leaves and fertility.

Welcome to today’s class and what we’re looking at today is CASSAVA LEAVES.

Let’s see it Health benefits, we are not actually finishing it today cause it’s benefits are much. Cassava leaves are mainly used by many Nigerian and African tribes to make soup. However, eating raw cassava leaves is strictly not advisable as they can be poisonous. Some tribes find benefits in drinking cassava leaves juice.

Health Benefits of Cassava Leaves

1. It is very good for those trying to shed those excess weight accumulated over the years

2. It helps in the absorption of toxins that enters your intestines

3. It improves your digestive health and keeps it chugging along nicely

4. It helps relieve unbearable headaches

5. Cassava helps prevent life threatening diseases such as cancer

6. The B17 content in cassava leaves helps in stimulating the content of red blood cells. Iron in cassava leaves boost blood production.

5. It’s Vitamin A content is good for eye health which prevents future blindness or poor eyesight

6. Cassava leaves are effective in treating fever

7. It helps treat rheumatic disease (i.e diseases of muscles and joints)

8. It leaves are rich in magnesium which helps reduce blood pressure.

9. Cassava leaves are great at healing wounds

10. It has been found that cassava leaves helps reduce nematodes infections in the GI tract.

11. It helps restores lost appetite

12. Due to it’s Vitamin C and folate content in cassava leaves it makes it good for pregnant women from the beginning of gestation period

13. Cassava leaves is rich in lysine protein which makes it perfect for fighting protein deficiency diseases like kwashiorkor

14. It helps strengthen the immune system

15. It contains antioxidants that eliminates free radicals in the body.

17. Due to it’s folate content it helps in the production of cells in the body thereby helping in the making of genetic material and in preventing DNA mutation.

18. It boost energy and improves brain functions

19. It is beneficial to the nervous system

20. It helps build strong and lean muscles

21. It makes you less prone to diseases

22. Cassava leaves are rich in iron. It therefore, helps to prevent and treat anemia especially iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.

23. Because of its rich folate content, cassava leaves soup is good for pregnant women especially in the area of helping to prevent neural tube defects (ntds) and other brain malformations.

24. Cassava leaves for fertility – cassava leaves are believed to help boost ovulation in women and sexual libido in men. Cassava leaves contain phytoestrogens and folic acid that helps boost fertility and increases the chances of getting pregnant in women.

25. Cassava leaves is used to make delicious soup by many tribes in Southern Nigeria.

Side Effects and Health Benefits of Cassava Leaves
Fresh cassava leaves are better eaten cooked

Side effects of Eating Raw Cassava leaves – Are cassava leaves poisonous?

Cooked cassava leaves per se have no recorded side effects. But same cannot be side of eating raw cassava leaves, roots or tubers. Raw cassava leaves contain a harmful chemical substance called cyanide which as cause poisoning, paralysis, sudden respiratory failure and death. This is the greatest side effects of eating cassava leaves or roots or tuber raw.

Once again, there are no health benefits in eating raw and fresh cassava leaves.

Raw cassava leaves are goitrogens, meaning it can can goitre when taken raw.

Be informed!


Dr Udomoh


  1. Good Morning Ma/Sir, I have uterine cancer that i can’t operate because they are little to avoid side effects adviced by my doctor but due to the pain i go through, someone told me that boiled cassava leave water shrinks fibroid, i bought the dried leave, didn’t see the fresh leave to buy, i boiled and started drinking but i have being bleeding since last week Sunday on the 14th of May till now that i am writing this message to you and my lower abdomen is paining me as if i am menstruating, when it started that Sunday, i was worried because i menstruated on the 24th-27th April, only for me to see blood on the 7th May which is not yet time, just one week interval, and cloth is coming out, i don’t know if its because the cassava leave is dry not fresh, i threw the them yesterday evening when i got home to see if the bleeding will stop when i stop drinking the juice, I don’t know if its too powerful for my body, Pls reply with an alternative, Thank You.


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