How to use apple cedar vinegar, tea tree oil, honey & cinnamon to cure acne.


Most of y’all been asking for treatments for acnes and acne scars. So here are three REMEDIES that have been proven to work.

1. Apple cider vinegar.
2. Tea tree oil.
3. Honey and cinnamon face mask.

I’ve tried number 2 & 3 and they have worked for me.

I’ve also recommended them to some people and it has been proven to work.

How to use apple cedar vinegar, tea tree oil, honey & cinnamon to cure acne
How to use apple cedar vinegar, tea tree oil, honey & cinnamon to cure acne

Now I want you to know that our skins are different, even Your skin is different from your parent’s, so when looking for remedies to our skin issues, we don’t stop until we find what works for us And even after finding what works, we still continue maintenance forever.

So now, let’s get to the main deal:

1. Applying apple cider vinegar; before using any product you need to make sure your hands and the surface of your skin is clean. So you should wash ur hands, and
Cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser.
Then mix 1 tbsp of ACV with 3 tbsp of water.

If your skin is sensitive, use more water.

Dip a cotton wool in it and massage the area with acnes and acne scars.
Let it sit for 20 seconds, rinse the area with water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Do this 1-2 times per day and don’t forget to wear sunscreen during the day.

Don’t forget that ACV is potent and must be used in small amounts and diluted with water.

2. Applying tea tree oil.

Mix 1 part of tea tree oil and 9 parts of water. Dip a cotton wool in it and apply on affected areas. Do this 1-2 times a day.

Tea tree oil has a strong

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property.

3. Applying honey and cinnamon mask.

Mix two tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. After cleansing, apply the mask on your face for 15mins and wash off with water, then Pat dry with a clean towel.

Honey and cinnamon have antibacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which is needed to fight acnes and acne scars.

Please note that this does not take the place of your routines. Not when I ask “whats your routine like” and you will be telling me

Cleanse and apply tea tree oil.

It would be recommended to do patch test by applying a small portion of any remedy on your upper arm.

So I want you to give it a trial and gimme reviews. It’s not a miracle working remedy, so be patient and consistent.

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