How much is the cost of dentures in Nigeria? (+ denture care)


A denture is a removable dental prosthetic appliance primarily used to replace on or more missing teeth.

It helps maintain/ improve aesthetics, aids functionality and preserves oral structures and the remaining teeth.

Getting a denture is quite easy and straightforward. Like any dental appliance, it’s care is very important to ensure it’s effectiveness and longevity.

In this thread we will attempt to breakdown in a few words how to care for your denture.

1. Keep your denture in your mouth throughout the first day you get them. Talk, eat, sleep with them for that day.

You do this to ensure that your tongue and mouth gets used to them and you don’t sound funny when you talk. Also, to check for any unusual pain caused by them.

How much is the cost of dentures in Nigeria? (+ denture care)
Before and after applying dentures – replaces missing tooth or teeth

2. From day 2, do not sleep with your denture in your mouth. This is because few people snore when they sleep and this can dislodge the denture and can be swallowed. Also, food particles can get trapped under the denture and this causes bad breath and spoils the denture.

3. Your denture should be worn at all times, except when you are going to bed. i.e Talk, eat, sing with your denture in your mouth. However, the denture is not as strong as your normal teeth, we recommend caution when chewing with them. Do not use your denture to eat hard food.

4. Your denture and teeth should be cleaned separately. Your teeth with medium bristled brush and fluoride paste. Your denture with soft/medium brush and mild toilet soap (Non-medicated). Use separate brushes for your teeth and denture.

Still on cleaning, your denture should be cleaned over a bowl of water just Incase it drops from your hand, it will drop inside the bowl of water and not break. Your denture and teeth should be cleaned twice daily .

5. When going to bed, your denture should be stored in a safe container. The container should have clean water in them and a cover. Change the water in the container everyday.

6. Discuss any concerns about your denture with your Dentist/ dental practitioner immediately you notice them.

How much is the cost of dentures in Nigeria?

The average cost of dentures in Nigeria around #5,000 – #8,000 naira in general or government hospitals and and could be up to #10,000 – #20,000 in private hospitals. The price of dentures in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Benin, Warri and Kano and Kaduna may be up to #30,000 Naira.


Nigerian Dental Association


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