Home remedy for glowing skin in Nigeria, how to have a chocolate dark glowing Nigerian skin.


1: you need to apply SUNSCREEN:

It’s important because a lot of y’all including me struggle with hyperpigmentation. The tone of my face and neck is slightly different from my chest and other areas of my body covered with cloth. I’m 100% sure it’s the same with you.
If you apply sunscreen on your face, ears, neck and other exposed areas of your body, you will be shielding your screen from a great deal of sun rays that will burn your skin.

Home remedy for glowing skin in Nigeria
Home remedy for glowing skin in Nigeria: A glowing chocolate dark Nigerian skin

Skin cancer is also real and sunscreen can help you. I will recommend Neutrogena hydro boost sunscreen because it isn’t greasy and it has a watery feel. It will quickly dissolve into your skin. Apply every two hours (the weather is hot) whether indoors or outdoors.

Home remedy for glowing skin in Nigeria
Applying Neutrogena to you skin to make it glow

2. Don’t over Exfoliate because you will be harming your skin barrier (will talk about this soon) which is more trouble than good.

Don’t use exfoliating brushes. Don’t over scrub. Don’t Exfoliate everyday. At least 3 times a week(for natural exfoliants) is great.

3. Use a different towel for your face.

Bacteria’s breed in damp towels, using them on your face transfers these bacteria’s to your face. Use a different towel for your face and sundry it. Wash it at least 2 times in three days. Try your best.

Remedy for a glowing skin
Use clean towel for your skin

You can do this. Refusal might make you breakout, cause severe eczema, etc, and note;

Natural remedies cannot cure eczema though they can reduce the symptoms. So prevention is better than cure. Tell yourself, “I owe it to myself to live a healthy lifestyle”.

4. Hydration is a master key.

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin or any skin type, you need to stay hydrated.
Your skin needs it. You don’t need to be a celebrity before you glow.

Use a hydrating serum like goji berry serum, drink water often, apply a moisturizer

After your serum.

I’m addition, I sincerely hope your pillowcase and bedsheets are clean. Wash them every two to three days.

The bacteria’s there equals the one on your toilet seats. They could be the primary cause of your pimples.

Clean your phones too and don’t touch your face .. lol, I know that would be a little difficult but at last, you will be fine.

Be dedicated and optimistic. Achieving great skin is possible. Please share this article. I so much appreciate you.

I’m interested in your skin and it’s health.
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