Poultry Farming in Nigeria business plan, Feasibility study on poultry farming in Nigeria

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➡️Feasibility study on poultry farming in Nigeria
➡️Market analysis of poultry farming in Nigeria
➡️Opportunities in poultry farming in Nigeria
➡️How much money do I need to start a poultry farm?
➡️How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria?
➡️How can I start a poultry farming business in Nigeria?

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Are you considering going into poultry business?
Do you want to know some of the pertinent things to do?
Are you confused as per where to start from?
Let me help you in my own little way.

Let me assume that I am talking to a novice who is hearing the word POULTRY for the first time. Poultry simply means domestic fowls. They can be chickens, turkeys(bird), geese, guinea fowl and ducks raised for the purposes of meat and/or eggs production. Shey u get am now?

Many people don’t know that poultry business is vast and you can play a role or many roles in that space. Let me list four aspects you can harness;

a) Production( become an active farmer) –

This aspect gives you a chance to become a full-fledged poultry farmer producing meat or eggs. You can have chicken farm(broilers,pullets, breeders), turkeys, guinea fowl. Many young people believe that if they don’t have a farm yet that they have failed. Omo Iya mi, this is just an aspect of poultry business. Open your eyesEyes to endless possibilities. If you are considering production, the first thing to do after acquiring land is to have a source of water.Baba Fela talk am say water no get enemy. You thought he joked about it?Poultry +Water = Goal ⚽. We will discuss other processes involved in production in another thread.

b) Services

How do you think farmers get feed, drugs, vaccines, drinkers, feeding troughs, transporting crates, egg crates and more? You can leverage on this aspect and become a household name. You can start small by selling drugs, drinkers and feeders for chicks, few bags of feed and scale up as you make profit. A guy told me that the service business is saturated. Who told you? He said he sensed it. Mr. Senser abi censor, do you know how many farms in your area or those that have just started? Who does a business research sensing things? Oga oo. Anyways, there is profit in service business if properly done.

Poultry Farming in Nigeria Business Plan (Feasibility study + Cost)
Poultry Farming in Nigeria Business Plan (Feasibility study + Cost)

c) Marketing:

If you don’t have money to venture into the above mentioned aspect of poultry, this here is your lifeline. Go to a farm and offer to help them market their products at a percentage on sales from you. Go to cage producers drugs importers and offer to help them sell. Chicks cartons, Day old chicks(DOC) and many others are some of the products to market. You will be surprised.Let me quickly gist you on how I bought a small land in my 100Level. I met a man at UNAAB hatchery located at Kotopo, Abeokuta He came all the way from Benue state every Sunday to buy DOC. He was furious with the hatchery manager that they didn’t meet up with his demand. He requested for 20k DOC. He was a major distributor of DOC in Benue. The manager pleaded with him to come the following Sunday. He told the manager that his customers wouldn’t take it easy with him. I moved closer to him and asked “would you buy from me if I have chicks to supply?”. His answer gave me. He said he could pay upfront sef. I started talking to farmers and luckily for me I got two breeders who could give me 1k chicks each. I called the man that I could supply 2k chicks weekly but he needs to pay to the hatchery manager then I will supply to that hatchery and he comes to pick the chicks. That was how my Standard Trust bank account started growing. I removed my commission of sometimes N30 or N40 on a chick for 2000 birds. No dey calculate my money ooo. The truth is that marketers make good money.

d). Processing: I saw that someone commented on my last thread that he is planning to go into frozen chicken processing. It is also great especially this period that there is a ban of frozen poultry. Get your fact finding process right and give it a go. You must have initial capital ooo.

I hope I have opened your eyes to some aspect in poultry business. There are several others.
Thanks for your time peeps.

Samuel Ogunwusi


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