14 Solid and Wonderful Uses + Health Benefits of Efo Ebolo, Efo Ebolo English name.

Good evening and welcome to today’s session on Nigerian vegetables, my pick for today is EFO EBOLO (Coriander).

English name of Efo Ebolo: Thickhead, fireweed, redflower ragleaf.

I actually got insights on it from grandma,as usual let’s go to it’s health benefits

14 Solid and Wonderful Uses + Health Benefits of Efo Ebolo
Picture of efo ebolo leaf and delicious efo ebolo soup.

Amazing health benefits of efo ebolo

1. Coriander lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)and increases good Cholesterol (HDL)

2. It is a good food for the digestive system.

3. Ebolo helps the liver function well

4. It is good for diabetic patients

5. Coriander helps stimulate the insulin secretion and lowers blood sugar levels.

6. It Vitamin K content makes it good for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

7. The fat soluble vitamin and antioxidants protects from lungs and cavity cancer

8.Ebolo contains anti inflammatory properties which makes it good against inflammatory disease such as arthritis.

9. It has antiseptic properties which helps cure mouth ulcer.

10. Due to it’s antioxidants constituents it is good for eye health and excellent for the treatment of conjunctivitis

11. It seeds are good for menstrual flow

12. Ebolo is a very good herb which promotes the function of the nervous system

13. It can help stimulate the memory

14. Coriander is good for those suffering from anaemia, this is due to its iron constituent which is essential for curing anaemia.

Grandma made an adage she said in Yoruba actually “Ko si bi a se le se ebolo ti Ko ni se ayan “meaning there’s no how you cook coriander that it will loose its scent or smell.

She also told me Coriander are not planted that it grows on it’s own just like waterleaf but I think Thinking face it’s those day cause now we can grow it if we want it. Finally she said it’s good for making vegetable soup which actually goes well with pounded yam. Try this vegetable out. When you go to the market check where vegetables are sold in bulk ask if they have it.

And this is a wrap on tonight’s session till we meet tomorrow. Keep Fit and Stay Healthy for me.

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