Health benefits of Lagos Spinach (Efo Shoko) – Shokoyokoto

There’s this cooking program I watch while growing up, it was called “Shokoyokoto” I don’t know who remembers this,welcome to a new week of grace and favor,things will fall in place this week Amen.Tonight’s vegetable has a motto to we the Yoruba’s it’s like a call and response

Call:Olobe loni oko then response is Shokoyokoto meaning the cook of the soup is the one that owns the husband, it is EFO SHOKO, known in English as Lagos Spinach I picked. As usual let’s know its health benefits

Health benefits of LAGOS Spinach (Efo Shoko)

1. It is highly nutritious
2. It helps heal burns and wounds faster
3. It is used in the the treatment of blood shot eyes, blurring of vision, cataracts but should not be used by people with glaucoma because it dilates the pupils
4.Shoko cures eczema and other skin infections
5. It relieves inflammation
6. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes
7. Lagos Spinach treats diarrhea
8. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes
9. It cure abscesses
10. It serves as an antidote for snake bite.
11. It is an ideal herb for syndrome of hyperactivity of the liver
12. It helps in improving the function of other organs in the body
13. Shoko leaf helps cure epistaxis which is an acute bleeding from the nostrils, nasal cavity or nasopharynx.
14. It is a remedy for cold
15. It is used in the treatment of jaundice.
16. It has anti-aging property making you look younger
18. It flowers are considered medicinal for conditions whose symptoms involve the discharge of blood.
19. It is used to ease chest pain
20. It helps ease menstrual cramps
21. It is used to cook soup (Efo riro)

Health benefits of Lagos Spinach (Efo Shoko) - Shokoyokoto
Lagos Spinach (efo shoko) and Efo Shoko soup (efo riro).

And we’ve come to the end of today’s session,this week things will take a little new turn I’ll treat fruits I have not treated before alongside some vegetables,please if you have any fruit or vegetable you know I have not treated my DM is always open.

Thank you all for the support I am grateful, Keep Fit, Stay Healthy and

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