Karkashi: Health Benefits, Soup, Miyan Karkashi, English Name, Recipes, Leaves, how to prepare karkashi soup.

Karkashi leaves (sesame leaves) or powder are used to make karkashi soup called Miyan karkashi, a staple food in the northern part of Nigeria especially among the Hausas. Karkashi leaf is similar to the cherished Yoruba leaf soup called Ewedu.

Both karkashi leaf and karkashi soup has numerous nutritional health benefits.

This article will answer the following questions :

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➡️karkashi soup in English
➡️karkashi for hair
➡️how to prepare karkashi soup
➡️Miyan karkashi
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Common names of karkashi

Botanical name: Sesamum radiatum

English: benniseed ,

Yoruba: ewe-atura ,

Hausa: karkashi

Tiv/Idoma: beni

Tarok: Izhin

English name of karkashi soup: Sesame leaf soup

Nutritional content of karkashi

Calories: 233
Vitamin A, E, C, K
Low carbs
moderate proteins

Health benefits of karkashi
Karkashi leaves and a sumptuous karkashi soup

Recipe: How to prepare karkashi soup (green soup)


💠Fresh or dry karkashi (fresh green)
💠Eru (dadawa)
💠Fresh pepper
💠Salt to taste
💠Clean water
💠A pinch of potash
💠1 teaspoon Yaji
💠Bitter garden egg (optional)


💠Your clean pot on the fire, add your clean water in small quantity and then wash your bitter garden egg.

💠Put it in the water on fire and allow the garden egg to done halfway.

💠Thereafter make sure your karkashi have been picked. Put the picked karkashi in d basket and shake the basket very well to remove d sand. Pound the karkashi (or you can buy the powdered one from the market).

💠After that add the karkashi to the boiling water on the fire and add potash immediately cover it for 3-5 minutes.

💠Then add your pepper, eru (dawadawa) , salt and maggi. Stir with a special whisking stick to increase the resilience and texture of the soup .

💠Cover it for few minutes and bring the soup down.

💠Serve with any swallow preferable tuwon dawa or tuwo masara.

Health benefits of karkashi Soup and Leaves (SESAME LEAVES)

1. Boost the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

2. Macerated Karkashi leaves and stem is used as antidote for scorpion sting

3. Treats constipation

4. Offers protection against chronic diseases

5. Karkashi has anti fungal properties.. It is used to treat the fungal infection that affects the scalp of the head called tinea capitis. Used as hair shampoo for dandruffs.

6. Due to its antiviral properties, karkashi is believed to help treat chickenpox and measles.

7. It eases childbirth

8. Karkashi improves fertility, boosts ovulation and increases libido.

9. Karkashi treats diarrhea and dysentery

10. Aids digestion

11. Boosts brain health.

13. Karkashi for hair: Karkashi is very good for hair as it helps hair growth, treats fungal scalp infection, and removes dandruff.

14. Karkashi soup is Keto compliant and can be added to the Nigerian weight loss regimen

15. Miyan karkashi lowers blood pressure and has low Glycemic Index. Good for diabetics.

16. Aids vision

17. Promote healthy skin

18. Karkashi is good for weight loss.

19. Karkashi is good for hair growth.

No side effects have been reported as far has karkashi is concerned.

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