Health benefits of Eru leaves and Seeds

Things are kicking start gradually,I believe this too will also pass,hope our day went well and not too stressful, on tonight’s session I picked a leaf similar to that of yesterday,they are similar but not same at the end of this week I’ll tell us the difference between the vegetable I treated yesterday the one am treating today and the one I am taking tomorrow. The vegetable for tonight is a leaf called Eru in Cameroon, Ukazi or Utazi in Igbo and Afang leaf in Akwa Ibom and Calabar.

Health benefits of Eru leaves and Seeds
Eru leaves can be used for delicious soup

As our custom demands let’s go to it’s health benefits Of Eru leaves and seeds.

Health benefits of Eru leaves and seed

1. It helps in the development of strong bones and teeth.

2. Helps fight osteoporosis

3. It lowers blood pressure

4. Ukazi serves as a laxative

5. Due to it high fiber content it helps relieve constipation

6. Eru has anti-inflammatory properties

7. It helps boost blood production and packaged blood cell volume

8. It treats anemia, rich in iron

9. It aids weight loss, high in fibre and drives satiety.

10. Lowers blood pressure in diabetic patients

11. In ancient times Ukazi is used in the treatment of soar throat

12. Ukazi is a natural antidote for poison

13. It is used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting

14. Eating Eru leaves or seeds helps lower risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart diseases

15. It helps slow progression of heart disease in a person with cardiac disease.

16. Due to its high protein content,it helps in repairing body tissues.

17. Eru promotes fertility by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs and helps boost sexual desire and ovulation in women while in men it boosts penile erection and libido.

18. Eating Eru leaves and seeds prevents early morning sickness in pregnant women.

There is no side effects whatsoever that has been reported with consuming Eru leaves and seeds. Eru is used to cook soup and other nutritious delicacies.

With all these health benefits tell me why you won’t try it. And today’s session is over till tomorrow.

Always remember to Keep Fit,Stay Healthy and Stay Safe,and that soda biko stop it ,do have a happy night rest, Becca cares and Loves you Gracias Adios



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