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Common names:

Scent leaf botanical name: Ocimum gratissimum

English Name: Clove Basil

Local Name: Nchuawun(Igbo),
Daidoya (Hausa),
Aramogbo (Edo language),

Kere ooooo,let every one gather here for what is about to go down tonight on another vegetable session, ehn ehn oya sit on the floor,It should contain us and if not lap your neighbor there’s love in that. The special one I picked today is SCENT LEAF.

Scent leaf goes well with pepper soup, unripe plantain, porridge and local rice

As we do every for every vegetable, let’s go to it Health benefits.


•It helps kill bacteria in the mouth thereby fighting off bad breath.

•It cures fungal skin infection

•It liquid extract cures cold and catarrh.

•The oil extract is used in the preservation of food.

•Scent leaf mixed with Bitterleaf is used in the treatment of malaria and fever.

•It’s stick is very effective for oral hygiene,it is chewed to clean the mouth. It prevents halithosis

•It is used as mosquito repellent

•It’s juice is used the treatment of ear ache and colon pains.

•Scent leaf helps stop dysentery,diarrhea and vomiting.

•It helps relief bloating and aids digestion.

•It lowers blood sugar level and prevent damage to the pancreas.

•Scant leaf helps repair damage caused by smoking and nicotine.

•Due to its arginine content it helps maintain an optimum penile health.

•Scent leaf and fertility: Scent leaf contains epigenin fenkhona and Eugenol in its scent which facilitates erection.

•It helps in the production of more milk for nursing mother. Scent leaf is lactogenic

•It prevents inflammation

* Scent leaf oil can be used as preservatives because of its anti-microbial property

* Recent researches have found scent leaf beneficial to people living with HIV/AIDS.

* Used traditionally to treat psychotic disorders.

* Scent leaf and Jedi jedi: Scent leaf juice is traditionally squeezed into the anus of babies with Jedi Jedi – piles. Do not try this at home. See a pediatrician immediately you notice your newborn have hemorrhoid or Jedi Jedi.

* Scent leaf and infection: Scent is used by local women in the treatment of all kinds of infections especially vaginal infections and discharge..See a doctor if you suspect a vaginal infection.

*Scent leaf smoothens the skin and clears acne from the face.

* Lowers blood cholesterol.

Scent leaf and kidney

There is a widespread belief that scent leaf detoxifies the kidneys but this is not factual as the kidney itself is a self cleansing organ that filters out waste from the blood. Scent leaf does not prevent or remove kidney stones.

Scent leaf and Pregnancy

Scent leaf is believed to cause miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Pregnant women should please avoid basil.

Scent leaf and Menstruation

Scent leaf helps relieve menstrual pains or cramps.. It also encourage easy menstrual flow.

Side Effects + Wonderful Health Benefits of Scent Leaf (Scent leaf and Ovulation)
Picture of scent leaf (efirin)

Scent leaf and ovulation

Scent leaf is a well known fertility booster. It stimulates ovulation and libido in women as well as increasing their chances of getting pregnant.

Side effects of scent leaf

Yes, scent leaf has amazing health benefits but not without side effects. Scent leaf oils used for aromatherapy massage are believed to be capable of causing miscarriage or pregnancy loss or premature delivery, so pregnant women should not use it.



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