Bad boys vs Good guys: Why am I attracted to bad boys?

“Many women prefer the bad boys who will use them, abuse them and toss them aside like dirt while eschewing the well intentioned nurturing white knight”

There’s truth to this. But the underlying reasons are deeper from an bio/emotional standpoint.

1. Attraction works when a woman’s negative emotions are slightly more elevated than her positive emotions, yet both must be simultaneously stimulated.

2. The choices “bad boys” make, and how they conduct themselves, radiates unfazed carefree attitude, dominance, outcome independence, no neediness whatsoever & determination.

3. These behaviours stimulate negative emotions in women;

-mild fear & anxiety,

Along with positive emotions of excitement, hope & desire.

4. The mixed emotions a woman feels from the ‘bad boy’, is far more powerful than the isolated positive emotions she feels from the white knight or ‘nice guy’.

This is because negative emotions are strongly tied to a woman’s survival instincts.

5. On a biological level, she knows that the ‘bad boy’ will do a better job at protecting her, overcoming adversity & getting what he wants out of life, extending this elevated state of living on to her (& potentially, her children).

Bad boys vs Good guys: Why am I attracted to bad boys?
Bad boys vs Good guys: Why am I attracted to bad boys?

6. Women run into problems because ‘bad boys’ have a host of bad behaviours (selfish, abusive, sex-orientated, careless, narcissistic) that accommodates the attractive traits.

They are in essence low value men being perceived as high value.

7. But despite these problems, their perceived qualities remain more valuable to women than the nice guy, who manifests isolated overwhelming positive emotions (i.e. boring), no life-furthering qualities & thus is likely to be a victim of misery.

8. The question isn’t WHY women pick ‘bad boys’.

It’s the right life-furthering choice.

When left culturally/parentally/religiously unconditioned, women will pick these types of men DESPITE the resounding risk & the potential cost to their dignity.

9. No women in their right mind wants to get used, objectified & tossed aside.
Their (mixed) emotions simply clouds their judgement to assess risk accurately.
And the white knight presenting infront of her is a life-limiting choice, making bad boys look even more so desirable.

10. The worst thing a man can do, is hold this emotional response against them like the ‘manosphere’ does, taking advantage of this innate emotional weakness.

Men should instead develop to become what women innately desire;

11. Pursue power, become competent & disagreeable.

Be self-determined & self-legislate towards a purpose far greater than women.

Doing this will force you to behave in a way that ignites mixed emotions. It will be involuntary, real & authentic.

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Article Credit: Unmodern


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