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Gagaun,gagaun,gagaun,come,wa,zo,bia I bring to you my country people today on vegetable session,this leafy vegetable that performs wonders,it is quite popular with my igbo and Yoruba people let me bring us out of this suspense the vegetable is — WATERLEAF,as usual we go to it’s health benefits I am sure you’ll be wowed as I was.

Waterleaf Botanical name :Talinum triangulare

Water leaf Yoruba name :Gbùre or Pàdé mi ni igunpa (Gbùre: mostly found at burial grounds and I don’t know why; Pàdé mi ni igunpa : translated as meet me at the elbow).

Waterleaf name in Igbo: Mgbolodi,

Waterleaf name in Edo language: Ebe-dondon

People from Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom call it mmomoikong (waterleaf). I think its more popular with ibibio and efik, they use it in almost all their soups especially Afang ,Edikaikong and Editan. Waterleaf can also be used for smoothie or made into juice. Both Waterleaf smoothie and waterleaf juice has numerous nutritional benefits.

Growing up, my mom usually pump us with the water (juice)

Nutritional Value or Nutritional Content of Waterleaf

Calories 23

Total Carbohydrates 4g

Protein 2g

Total Fat 0.4g

Trans Fat 0g

Saturated Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 36mg

Vitamin A 54%

Vitamin C 47%

Calcium 11%

Iron 25%

Side Effects & Health benefits of Waterleaf (Soup + Juice) - Waterleaf and Fertility
Waterleaf and waterleaf soup


•Prevents disease atherosclerosis:This is a disease that affects the arterial wall where the growth of excess fat in the section which can cause obstruction in the flow of blood to the heart and brain
•It acts as an anti-diarrhea
•It helps prevent thrombus by allowing red blood flow without clot. Keeps blood fluidy
•Waterleaf acts as an antioxidant which helps prevent oxidative stress.
•It helps boost the immune system
•It reduces hypertension by lowering blood pressure.
•Waterleaf prevents cataract due to the presence of Vitamin C which increases the amount of blood flow to the eye.
•It maintains good eye health with its vitamin A content.
•It prevents cancer (anticancer) especially prostate and colon cancer
•Waterleaf helps in lowering cholesterol level in the blood.
•It helps prevent osteoporosis:This is a disease in which bones become porous due to lack of calcium.
•It makes bones and teeth stronger.
•It helps prevent kidney or bladder stone.
•Waterleaf maximizes the function of the brain.
•Eating waterleaf helps the body cope with stress.
•Regular consumption of waterleaf helps improve one’s mood.
•Waterleaf helps prevent skin dryness, maintain skin moisture, make skin smoother,inhibit tyrosinase enzyme that helps the formation of pigment in the skin.
•It aids the production of collagen,a protein that maintains skin elasticity.
•Vitamin C content in waterleaf helps prevent skin discoloration.
•It helps wound to heal fast.
*Promotes brain function
*Known as a “blood pumping vegetable”, water leaf boosts the production of red blood cells in the body. Rich in iron.
* Good for pregnant women. Waterleaf treats and prevent anemia in pregnancy.

Waterleaf and Fertility

Waterleaf is widely believed to boost both male and female fertility… It increases blood flow to the sexual organs, improves libido, serves as an aphrodisiac, and boosts ovulation in women.

Pregnant women can eat water leaf as it is rich in folic acid. Folic acid helps brain and spinal cord development in foetus.

Disadvantages or Side effects of waterleaf

Well, although there is nothing in life without side-effects or disadvantages, none has been reported for waterleaf. Waterleaf is a vegetable enjoyed and popular for its wonderful health benefits. No side effects have been reported or documented in scientific literature. It is completely safe in pregnancy, children, sick persons, elderly, young and old. Enjoy this vegetable!

And that’s a wrap on today’s session,hope our day went well.



Dr Udomoh


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