What is Kayan Mata? Kayan Mata Uses + Recipes + Ingredients + Types.

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What is kayan mata used for?

Angelica Lindsey-Ali

Kayan Mata is a Hausa word which means “woman’s property”. It’s the name given to a group of sexual stimulants used as an aphrodisiac. Kayanmata has nothing to do with magic or anything evil. They are herbs that are used to enhance sexual pleasure. No incantations or funny business. Peppermint oil and turmeric are two ingredients used in some recipes of Kayan mata. It’s completely natural.


Kanyan mata/ Aphrodisiacs is made from herbs, spices, fruits and roots. This means the mixtures are wholly natural. The ingredients have been the same over years. Some of these ingredients are rice, honey, millet, tiger nuts, jujube and baobab. No doubt women who use Kayan mata have been accused of JAZZ. There’s obviously nothing wrong with seeking to heighten their sexual pleasure especially if it’s in natural ways.

What is Kayan Mata? Kayan Mata Uses + Recipes + Ingredients + Types
A hausa-fulani lady selling her different types of Kayan mata products

Accidental Baldie

Kanyan mata is an Hausa-fulani form of natural Viagra believed to improve libido in women and makes women last long in bed. Does Kayan mata work? I think they don’t work! If you do your research well, there’s really no way yet to actually improve the woman’s libido..

Meraki Kayanmata is a seller of Kayan mata on Facebook and other social media platforms. He listed the ingredients for Kayanmata and how it improves a woman sex life.

Kayan Mata- Silky Kola/Goron Tula.

“Kayan Mata” refers to the aphrodisiacs made of herbs, roots, spices, seeds and fruit that have been used for centuries by women from northern Nigeria. Though they were originally used to prepare brides for marriage, to ensure a healthy sex life, the aphrodisiacs are becoming increasingly popular among all women across the country. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation. This has become internationally known as a sex therapy organic dietary for women looking to fix their sex life, keep their husbands wanting more of her and willing to do anything to please his Queen.

All my ingredients are natural. Honey is one of the ingredients. We have spices like cinnamon, cardamom, mustard seeds, chilli peppers, dates and sugarcane.This is now available in East Africa and people that have tried everything else are now flocking to get more. We have so many international testimonials we had to bring it to world. All organic, all natural.

Tony Chiazor praises and explains the types of Kayan mata including its benefits

All Hail The Kayan Mata — Northern Women love making secret.

“Kayan mata” is Hausa for “women’s things” and it is a general name for a range of natural aphrodisiacs created for women. These aphrodisiacs and their recipes have been handed down for five centuries in Northern Nigeria.

It was originally meant to be used in preparing brides for marriage and ensuring that women could please their men and have a healthy sex life while married. Now however, the aphrodisiacs are growing in popularity and being used throughout the country even among celebrities.

Kayan mata is made from herbs, spices, fruits and roots. This means the mixtures are wholly natural. The ingredients have remained the same. Some of these ingredients are rice, honey, millet, tiger nuts, jujube and baobab.

Kayan mata
Recipes for Kayan Mata

Types of kayan mata –

Simi – It’s taken hours before sex and helps a woman get fluidy quicker and easier. It also helps improve her stamina. It’s made of herbs mixed with cow milk.

Gindin Ayu- One of the ingredients of this mixture is fish sperm. It is mixed with milk and then the couple drinks it. This is very expensive and only used once in a while because the fish in question is hard to find. According to those in the know, this fish (man) stays glued to his mate (woman) and even when he’s free he does not desire any other.

Turaren Wuta (Incense): While the incense is burning, the woman bends over this to help with tightening and deodorizing of the female private part. A cleanser

Dan Mannau(Glue): This is inserted into the female private part to enhance love making.

Zuman mata (Women’s honey): This will supposedly keep a man coming back for more.

Teemah Zarah, a Kayan mata explains the meaning of Kanya mata and why Kayan mata is beneficial


In Northern Nigeria, what is mainly used in spicing sexual, romantic, and intimate relationships are herbs and perfumes.

The herbs are called kayan mata for women and kayan maza or Maganin Maza for men. It has nothing to do with age, so long as you are married and or sexually active. The products used are 100% herbal and harmless.Kaya means property and Mata means woman in the Hausa language.

There are different types of KayanMata and the best of it are prepared in some Northern states. We have powders, sweets, juices, lubricants, candles, soaps, perfumes, beads, etc…….


There are many persons that believes Kanyan mata goes beyond an aphrodisiac and a sex enhancer for women, these persons think Kayan mata is a form of charm to enchant men and control men..they think kayanmata is a magical and spiritual love portion.

Is Kayan Mata Spiritual, diabolical or a charm? People speak!


I don’t believe kayanmata is jazz. At most, those people sell aphrodisiacs. If it were jazz, northern women would be holding their men down and keeping them in monogamous relationships. They have the origins of kayanmata but still share men. What a joke!


It’s an age long practice, especially in the northeast, for women to use “kayanmata” to keep their men. The potency of diabolism varies, if included. But largely is an old ancient trick to enchant men. It’s an open secret in the sub Saharan region…Jaruma only globalized and commercialized it for money.


We call Kayanmata “adodun” in Yorùbá. kayanmata has been around for years . Hausa women have been using it to up their love making game and to help new brides using natural things. Some people started infusing juju into the whole thing to ruin men’s lives and theirs as well. Be careful.

Some questions answered:

Is kayanmata evil?

The answer is no…however , some persons tag kayanmata and its products evil…To me, it is not.

Disadvantages of Kayanmata?

Some ladies abuse it and even insert it. Kayanmata can cause vaginal infection. Jaruma kayanmata is used to hypnotize men they say and destroy marriages. Kayanmata can cause toilet infection

Kayanmata for wetness

Kayanmata is used for lubrication by by ladies with dryness.


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