Symptoms of toilet infection in females

What most ladies call toilet infection is usually a combination of vaginal infection, candidiasis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Toilet infection, which colloquially means vagina infections contracted from using dirty public toilets is not really a medical or a scientific word.

However will like to talk about are of the symptoms many females/ladies have that they have tagged toilet infection. I realised most of these symptoms of toilet infection are sexually transmitted infection and not the other way round.

Symptoms of toilet infection in females and males.

1… Vagina itching

One of the early symptoms of toilet infection is vagina itching…This itching can be very discomforting and embarrassing….The itching can be so bad that it could cause redness or swelling of your pubic area..vaginal itching from toilet infection is worse or severe in hot sweaty weather.

2. Vaginal ulcers

The intense itching from toilet infection can make a woman develop some small painful vagina injuries.

3. Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge from toilet infection is usually from pelvic inflammatory disease or from vagina yeast infection. The discharge is usually white , milky and thick if it is candidiasis or foul smelling and coloured in PID. Vaginal discharge could be the only sign of toilet infection in some females. Don’t forget that a woman normally have a physiological normal daily discharge that is whitish, non-smelly and thin.

Symptoms of toilet infection in females and males
Toilet infection

4. Painful urination

Toilet infection could first signal a woman with painful urination or burning sensation in the urethra and vagina while passing urine. This is called urinary tract infection and it is usually as a result of poor toileting hygiene of the woman. Appropriate antibiotics prescribed by a doctor will take care of this.

5. Fever

Some women with toilet infection especially if it is associated with urinary tract infection will develop fever….Toilet infect from pelvic inflammatory disease is also associated with fever.

6. Lower abdominal pain

This symptom of toilet usually comes from pelvic inflammatory disease. The abdominal pain can be severe enough and mistaken for appendicitis. It is usually associated with fever, weakness and vomiting.

7. Pain during sex

Well painful sex is a known symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease.

8. Irregular menstrual periods

Most women that have complained of having toilet infection usually tell you that their menstrual cycle has become irregular and their menstrual flow has become scanty or absent. I usually advise them to see a doctor especially a gynaecologist as issues of menstrual irregularities are more sinister that mere toilet infection.

Males with toilet infection usually have symptoms like painful urination, pubic itching, urethral discharge, penile ulcers, weak erection, premature ejaculation, fever, low sperm count etc. These are the same symptoms as STIs in men.

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