All about the fun facts about the penis are stated here.

Here are some facts, curiosities and interesting information about the penis.

Facts about the penis
Penis facts unravelled

1. Average erect penis is 13-15cm.

Average penis length
What is the average length of the penis

2. Two main biological roles of the penis is for elimination of waste (urine) and transferring of semen e.g carries sperm from the testis to the vagina).

3. Circumcision doesn’t prevent masturbation.

4. Penis size is not associated with shoe size.

Penis size is not associated with shoe size
It is a myth: Penis size is not associated with shoe size.

5. Smoking decreases blood flow to the penis and can shorten the average penis by up to 1cm (0.4 inches).

6. Longer penis may be able to stimulate the vagina and cervix better.

7. A man may be born with 2 penises- a condition called Diphallus. An estimated 100 person having diphallus in the world.


Facts about the penis
Diphallus: A man with two penis

Unfortunately, this condition doesn’t mean double the fun. Both organs are rarely fully functional and comes with other anomalies in the genital tract that requires surgery.

8. Men have 3-5 erections a night during the REM phase of sleep.

Penises that don’t experience regular erections risk losing their elasticity.

9. Average male orgasm last about 6 seconds. Female organisms last for 23 seconds.

How long does male orgasm last?
How long does male orgasm last?

10. Average sex last 2 mins and 50 seconds.

11. Red meat and diary product result in worst tasting semen.

12. The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation.

13. Semen contains 1-7 calories.

14. Largest penis is 13.5 inches long.

15. Men in the republic of Congo are reported to have the largest penis.

16. Male G spot is located on their prostate, while the perineum-skin located in between the anus and the scrotum is another major erogenous zone.

17. A man will ejaculate on average 7200 times during his lifetime and 2000 is from masturbation.

18. Average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles/hr.

19. North and South Korea has the smallest rank average penis.

20. Having sex at least once/week can lower a man’s risk of heart disease by 30% and Stroke by 50%.

21. A man has an average erection of 11/day, 9 of them at night.

22. Penis stops growing when a man is in his early 20s.

23. Micro penis is a penis smaller than 2.8 inches when stretched.

24. Message for ejaculation is sent from the spinal cord and not the brain, this would explain strange facial expressions during climax.

25. During intercourse, pre-seminal transparent fluid containing spermatozoa can escape.

26. An ejaculation emits 1-5ml of semen.

27. It is advisable to avoid wearing tight underwear so as to permit free movement of the testicles.

28. A violent trauma or infection to the gonads can lead to infertility.

29. Penile hygiene is very important

30. Although the penis has no bone, it can fracture.



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