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Don’t spiritualize masturbation, it is healthy and beneficial – Dr Ayeni

Don’t spiritualize masturbation, it is healthy and beneficial – Medical expert says

Medical doctor @ Dr Ayeni has advised the general public on Twitter to desist from attaching spirituality to masturbation saying it is completely healthy and medically indicated sometimes. He went further to reel out the benefits of masturbation. He however advised against excessive masturbation saying it can cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

Read his tweets below..

Masturbation is a part of the normal physiological process & healthy living. It helps you to learn & understand your body. Masturbation is usually only a problem if it begins to interfere with daily life & relationships with friends, family, coworkers, & romantic partners.

Masturbation and spirituality


Benefits include:

Reduce stress

Gives pleasure

Help your relax

Improve sleep

Alleviate menstrual cramp and muscle aches

Elevate mood

Improve sex

Boost concentration

Reduce unwanted pregnancy

Prevent STIs

Decrease pain during sex

Lower the risk of prostate cancer

No risk of AIDS

Not a crime.

Boost immune system

Improves self esteem

Release sexual tension

Better understand your wants and needs

It has been found to help in lowering blood pressure and the drowsy state from attaining sexual climax through it aids sleep.

Benefits of self pleasure

It is this near-total absence of reliable information on self pleasure that made many people associate the practice with myths and lies. 

In marriages/relationships, where one partner demands more sex than the other can afford, Masturbation has been found to be very helpful.

In many mental health circles, Masturbation has been found to help relieve sexual tension, reduce depression & give higher self esteem.

“Masturbation is the healthiest human sexual behavior, associated with a range of health and life benefits, with no known (to science or medicine) health risks.”

Note that the health risks with Masturbation comes from Excessive masturbation multiple times on a daily basis. Not once in a few days.

Don’t spiritualize masturbation


Dr Ayeni

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