Body Odour is a common problem. It is sometimes just a simple hygiene issue that with a few changes can be easily dealt with.

Body Odour is NOT an infection.

You do NOT need to take antibiotics for body odour.

Taking antibiotics is VERY DANGEROUS advice- and please ignore it.

Body Odour is from sweating. It is NOT an infection. What we smell and call “body odour” is the product of skin bacteria acting on our sweat.

That’s why the smell is strongest in places where the sweat glands are plentiful- like armpit, groin, face, ear, genital area etc

Simple things to do:

1. Wash your armpits, groin and feet at least twice a day with soap and dry it. Bath twice a day.

2. Shave your armpits often.

3. Use anti-perspirants and deodorants. Use very good body sprays- go to the pharmacy and ask for good ones to prevent body odour.

4. Try to wash your clothes regularly.

5. Do NOT wear the same clothes two or three days in a row. The dried sweats on it will start to smell by the next day. Wear one outfit per day. That’s the ideal.

6. Try wearing fabrics like cotton, wool and silk- rather than nylon.

That black bra you have been wearing since Easter- change it. Don’t wear a bra more than 48 hours maximum- by then it starts to smell. “But it’s my favourite bra” Then buy a lot of it. Don’t kill innocent people with body odour cos you only change bra once a year at Christmas.

My guy, That brown boxers you have been wearing since Valentine- please change it today. We know your bae bought it as a gift- but it’s time to wash it and let it rest.

The only people who wear one boxer for two days are hired killers and assassins who have no human feelings.

Cut down on alcohol.

Cut down on fatty food.

Reduce your weight.

Being fat may make you sweat more – so if you try to keep fit- that may help.

Reduce strong smelling food spices like garlic, apple cedar vinegar, onions or whatever you observe that gives you an unpleasant smell after eating it.

These simple things can help. If however you notice excessive sweating, or sweating and body odour that doesn’t respond to any of the above ideas- please see your doctor.

You may need to be checked for things like diabetes, thyroid problem, liver disease or kidney issues, ureamia, ear infection, some skin cancers, pneumonia and intestinal obstruction. These are medical conditions that cause body odor and require consultations with your doctor

I forgot to talk about socks. Please one socks per day as well. Generally though, try those simple tips- you should be fine. If you do it for a few months with no progress- please see your doctor. He or she can work with you to find a lasting solution to the problem. Thanks.
Caveat: Bacteria Vaginosis causes a fish-smelling vagina discharge. Not a fish-smelling body odour. Body odour is NEVER treated with antibiotics. Doing that would cause antibiotics resistance and it can kill.
Body odour
Home remedies for body odour
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