Okazi Leaf: Health Benefits and Side Effects of Ukazi/Afang leaf (ukazi and Pregnancy), Medicinal uses of Gnetum africanum, health benefits of Gnetum africanum, health benefits of Eru leaves.

These are the other names of Gnetum africanum👇

Ukazi Leaf Common names (tribes/languages):

Ukazi leaf (igbo)

okazi leaf (igbo)

Afang leaf (ibibio/akwa Ibom)




m’fumbua, or fumbua

African Jointfir

Wild spinach (English)

Gnetum africanum (botanical name).

Afang soup and ukazi are the same. Akwa ibom call it Afang igbo call it ukazi.

Ofe Ọkazị It is similar to Ofe Owerri, however, Ofe Owerri is thickened with cocoyam while ofe Ọkazị is thickened with achi, ukpo or ọfọ. Each thickener has its own peculiar flavour.

Regular dry fish, crayfish, ugu and achara can also be added to okazi leaf soup.

Ọkazị leaf is normally sold fresh or dry and both are good for this soup. If using dry Ọkazị, add it early in your cooking so it will rehydrate and soften. Ọkazị is called “Afang” in efik or ibibio and is used to prepare the Afang soup.

Ukazi leaf
Ukazi leaf has numerous health benefits, medicinal uses and nutritional value.

Nutritional Value of Ukazi

Per 100g of dry leaves, afang provides 44g of carbohydrates, 12.8g protein, 37.8g fibre, and 2.4g fat. They also provide 249mg calcium, 39mg magnesium, 121mg iron and 0.8mg of zinc.

The leaf is an excellent source of aspartic acid, fiber, cysteine, proline, vitamins, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinic, potassium, copper and so many more.

Due to its antioxidant, anticarcinogenic properties, Ọkazị leaf can be used as a remedy for certain ailments.

10 Health Benefits of Ukazi leaf

1. Helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. Helps fights osteoporosis.

2. Lowers blood pressure.

3. Add it to your meal plan. Ukazi helps in weight loss.

4. Due to its high fibre content, ukazi is a good laxative and helps treat constipation.

5. Has anti-inflammatory properties

6. Treats anemia. Helps to boost blood production and packed cell volume.

7. Lowers blood sugar in diabetic patients.

8. Ukazi leaves have been used in ancient times in the treatment of sore throat.

9. Ukazi/afang leaves is used an antidote for poisons.

10. Used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

11. Eating ukazi regularly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart diseases, and helps to slow the progression of heart disease in individuals who have cardiac diseases.

12. The high protein content of ukazi help in the repair of body tissues.

13. Ukazi promotes fertility. Okazi leaf increase blood flow to the sexual organs and helps boost sexual desire and ovulation in females and boosts penile erection and libido in males.

14. Ukazi does NOT shrink fibroids.

Ukazi leaf and pregnancy. Is Ukazi safe in pregnancy?

Yes, it is. Pregnant women can eat foods and soups prepared with ukazi. They have nothing to worry about. Ukazi helps prevent early morning sickness such as vomiting in pregnancy. Afang leaf has has not been reported to cause birth defects, miscarriage or pregnancy loss in women. Enjoy.

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