OPINION POLL: What is your most preferred food seasoning cubes in Nigeria?, What are the best seasoning cubes in Nigeria? , Names of the List of seasoning cubes in Nigeria, Nigerian spices and seasonings.

The is an opinion poll conducted by nairametrics on Twitter on the best seasoning cubes in Nigeria…

You will observe that the list is not exhaustive as only Maggi, Knorr, and Royco were featured in the polls. Also you will notice that in a poll were 1210 persons voted, Knott was selected as the best seasoning in Nigeria at 57 percent followed by maggi at 33.2 percent. Almost equal number of persons picked Royce and others.

Other popular seasoning cubes in Nigerian markets are:

💠Doyin cubes
💠Terra cubes
💠Devon King’s seasoning cubes
💠Mr Chef
💠Tasty cubes

What is your most preferred food seasoning in Nigeria? I am neutral. I am not going to commit myself to this one….i will list the seasonings in Nigeria below in no particular order.

Seasoning cubes in Nigeria
Popular Seasonings in Nigerian markets right now.

List of best seasoning cubes in Nigeria

💠 Maggi

Maggi remains top of the mind in the list of seasoning cubes in Nigeria however it is facing the biggest threat of all times. It is being challenged by the highest number of competitors in recent times such as Knorr, Royco, Gino, Terra, Mamador, Kings, Dan-Q, Onga, Suppy. Maggi is the best seasoning cube in Nigeria with years of experience and making meals taste better.


Knorr is the best seasoning cube in Nigeria, especially that chicken one. Just that you’d have to use more of it to achieve that salty taste you get from maggi.


A product of Unilever that has now become a household name. Royco is a blend of herbs and spices, corn-starch, salt and flavour enhancers. The problem with Royce is that it is hard to dissolve in stews and soups. Royco has also become relative scarce in the market these days.


Produced by Promasidor. Onga seasoning is a flavour-filled blend of herbs and spices that will enhance any traditional meal. Its flavours include classic, stew, chicken, shrimp, pondu, ala tomato and the special 3 mix of ginger, onion and garlic. People like OMG seasoning because it contains colorant that makes stew redder.


Have been around for a long time but have find it difficult to compete with other brands. Doyin Group of Companies produce Doyin seasoning cubes which come in variants of chicken and beef.

💠Suppy seasoning

Seem to be confined only to Western Nigeria. Suppy cubes are in variants of Beef and Chicken, in single cubes of 4 grams and has 100 cubes in a full pack, selling at N600 per pack.

💠Terra Cubes

Terra Seasoning Cubes have particularly been designed to meet the palate requirements of all Nigerians especially in terms of aroma and flavor. It is available in two variants: Beef and Chicken, in sizes of single cubes of 4gm. They are also designed to preserve the aroma of meals during and after cooking. Terra seasoning cubes come in multiple variants of Chicken, Beef, Umami (Terra Gold) and Shrimps and come in various packages like 10-cube, 25-cube, 50-cube, 100-cube and 125-cube pack sizes.


Popularly called “White Maggi” by Nigerians. Ajinomoyo has been with us for a long time but it has gradually lost its popularity since it was found to contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). Some persons are allergic to MSG. Ajinomoto seasoning seem to be still popular in Northern Nigeria.

💠Mr Chef

Their Ginger-Onion-Garlic spice is just what your meats and chicken needs for that extra flavour. Don’t forget to create delightful memories with Mr. Chef!

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Loved for its flavour and aroma. Dan-Q is a high-quality product made from a rich selection of herbs and spices blended to perfection and laced with aromatic love to ensure tasty meals each time, every time.

💠Gino seasoning cube

Still quite new in the market. Gino cubes is loved for its quality, taste, aroma and flavor. Why not try it.

💠Mamador Seasoning Cubes

Still very new. First seasoning cubes from mamador was launched September 2019. Mamador seasoning cubes contain a blend of curry and other spices that are very good for Jollof or fried rice.

This list is not exhaustive as more seasonings are gaining entrance into the Nigerian market daily.




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