How i used onion juice to cure my dandruff and fasten my hair growth.

Guys, I tried the ONION WATER treatment for Hair DANDRUFF & Yepp!! It’s working 💃💃

It’s been months… No itch, no yeye scalp dirt 🙌


*Just Onions
*pour in a Blender
*Add small water
*blend till it’s smooth
*Sieve to extract Juice
* massage into scalp
*Cover hair with a Wrap (I use nylons wraps sometimes)
*Leave covered for 30-45 minutes
*shampoo hair out
* stay consistent (once a week if you can)

*Voila!! peace be still.

For deep rich conditioning treatment, add egg, lemon juice, even Honey.

For those that worry over the smell of onions, wash it off with a scented shampoo.

The common side effects if using onion juice is the repugnant smell and allergy (itching and redness) reported in some persons.

How i used onion juice to cure my dandruff and fasten my hair growth
How blended onion juice cleared my hair of dandruff, untangled it and made my hair grow faster



It actually worked for me and it gave me peace of head…. but its to be consistent thats my wahala.


Have been using rice water but will definitely try this.


U can also mix the onion juice with aloe vera. Thank me later.

Rose Onega

I started this onion juice treatment for my scalp and i am loving it…I also heard it helps to improve the texture and growth of one’s hair.


My first attempt at this, I didn’t sieve.. Imagine my frustration getting the onion particles out of my hair..

Mama Coco

Onion juice does alot of wonders for hair, you can even add it to rice water for hair growth.

Your fitness

You don’t mean it? Even with my low cut, dandruff will not let me have peace. I’m definitely trying this.


What did your hair smell like after you applied this thing please??

Adebola Ajayi

Wow! I’m definitely trying this out. Though I’ve been using Apple Cider vinegar but will start this tomorrow. Thanks

Sugar Bender

How did you breath for that 30-45 min? The smell scares me.

Angry Bird

I’m definitely trying it, I hate how much my hair itches after making it.

Evan Sylvia

Wow, i’m battling dandruff too. I’m so gonna try this. Is the onion treatment applied daily?


How do you know that what is working is not just shampooing your hair every week? Because whenever I shampoo my hair I don’t have dandruff for the next few days.


Onion juice is also effective for hair growth and edges.


You can add ginger too.


It’s really does wonders for my natural hair and the edge too, although the odour is somehow.

May may

I’m saving this, because I hear onion juice also helps with detangling. My natural hair tangles so much and breaks when I try to comb.

Canadian Nigerian

I tried it last month,its amazing. Those scared of the smell can add fresh ginger to the mixture


Can I do this routine for dreads?
Please enlighten me on the rice water and lemon zest routine too..


I use to put onion water in my shampoo, it helped with growth too.


For dandruff, you can also try oats milk and honey, apply after shampooing your hair and massage thoroughly then rinse off.

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