Zobo and Anemia: Does zobo drink give blood?

Many persons believe zobo drink gives blood in the body because it is as red as blood. But is this true?

Well, below are the claimed health benefits of zobo:

➡️It helps cure hypertension syndrome.
➡️It is packed with Vitamin C.
➡️Treats anemia, zobo gives blood
➡️It prevents early ageing.
➡️It helps your liver function properly.
➡️It has a number of antibacterial properties.
➡️It helps to reduce body temperature (so it can be helpful during hot seasons).
➡️It helps lessen the pain during the menstrual period.
➡️It can reduce body weight.
➡️Finally, it can even treat depression in early stages.

Zobo and Anemia: Does zobo drink give blood?
Can zobo leaf drink give blood in the body?

But does zobo leaf give? Can zobo give blood?

For any fruit, food or herb to be able to replenish blood in the human body, it must contain important vitamins and minerals like iron, folic acid, Vitamin B12 and so on.

Let us take an objective look at the chemical content of zobo:

Here are some essential nutrients zobo leaves gives:

➡️Vitamins A and C combined together to strengthen the immune system to fight against diseases.
➡️Vitamin B12 for a healthy nervous system and helps in the effective function of the cardiovascular.
➡️Vitamin B3 maintaining brain function and healthy skin.
➡️With Sodium, natural fats, potassium, and phosphorus among others you can be sure to regain loss appetite due to the anti-bacterial properties found in Zobo drink.

do zobo drink give blood
Table showing the nutritional content of zoborobo. Sourced from Researchgate

Do zobo give blood?

Yes….because it contains iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Iron is a key component of hemoglobin and red blood cells. The bone marrow requires iron to produce haemoglobin. Without enough iron in the body, it will not be able to produce haemoglobin for the red blood cells.

A person with reduced levels of hemoglobin may benefit from eating more iron-rich foods like zobo. Iron works to boost the production of hemoglobin, which also helps to form more red blood cells. Adequate doses of vitamin C can help fortify you from within and at the same time it also helps in the quick absorption of iron. Vitamin B12 in zobo ensures that red blood cells are not deformed during production. Vitamin B12 is used in the treatment of megaloblastic anemia.

In a research to find out the effect of zobo drink in blood production, it was found that the drink increased the packed cell volume and hemoglobin concentration of the test subjects.

Since they are almost always anemic, it is worthy of note that persons living with sickle cell anemia are encouraged to drink zobo because it has been found to boost their level of blood and reduce the frequent blood transfusion that is common with them.

Does zobo drink give blood? Yes. Zobo is blood tonic. Zobo is a blood booster.

Enjoy it but dont abuse it.


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