Does banga soup contain cholesterol?, Is Banga soup healthy?, Calories in Banga soup.

Banga Soup historically originated from the urhobos in Delta state but has become a household delicacy especially in Southsouth, Southeast and southwestern Nigeria and it is not stopping.

Banga soup is called different names by different tribes. The igbos in Southeastern Nigeria called it Ofe Akwu while the Efik tribe, a major nationality in Akwa Ibom called banga soup Abak Atama.

The preparation method of Banga soup is originally from ripe palm fruits (palm nut) but it still varies from tribe to tribe. The Igbo version called Ofe Akwu includes the addition of Ugu or Scent leaves which is absent in the Delta version.

Banga soup is highly nutritious and has numerous health benefits. It contains a good value of calories fats and proteins including some essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and magnesium.

But there are some worries from some varocious eaters of this sweet delicacy especially diabetics, hypertensives, patients with heart diseases, obese and elderly persons. Since banga soup is somewhat a predominantly fat and oil rich diet, many persons are of the opinion that it will contain a high amount of cholesterol which may be harmful to their health.

But are these fears worth it?

Truly, excessive cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) called hypercholesterolemia can be problematic to our health. According to the HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, “high levels of LDL cholesterol are linked to atherosclerosis, which is the accumulation of cholesterol-rich fatty deposits in arteries. This can cause arteries to narrow or become blocked, slowing or stopping the flow of blood to vital organs, especially the heart and brain. Atherosclerosis affecting the heart is called coronary artery disease, and it can cause a heart attack. When atherosclerosis blocks arteries that supply blood to the brain, it can cause a stroke.”


Does banga soup contain cholesterol?

Allay your fears. The answer is capital NO. Banga soup contains 0g of cholesterol and it is completely safe and healthy.

Here is the the nutritional content of banga soup. (CULLED FROM FITNESSPAL)

Banga soup contains:

Carbohydrates……13 g
Dietary Fiber……0 g
Sugar……….0 g
Fat……..36 g
Saturated…..0 g
Polyunsaturated…..0 g
Monounsaturated….0 g
Trans…..0 g
Protein….40 g
Sodium….189 mg
Potassium…..467 mg
Cholesterol…..0 mg
Vitamin A….54 %
Vitamin C…..0 %
Calcium……..0 %
Iron…….0 %

Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day.

Does banga soup contain cholesterol?
Nutritional value of banga soup shows zero percentage of cholesterol

Is Banga soup healthy?

From my analyis above i think you are now convinced that ofe akwu contains no cholesterol as widely claimed. It also contains moderate amount of fats and it is completely healthy.

Banga soup cannot make you add too much weight or big tummy. Banga soup however contains significant amount of calories which is 450kcal.

Does banga soup contain cholesterol?
Does banga soup contain cholesterol?

Finally banga soup is not the source or cause of high cholesterol in your blood. It is a very healthy meal. Enjoy it.




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