Is Banga Soup Good for Pregnant Women? Can a pregnant woman eat Banga soup?

Banga soup or palm nut soup is a very popular Nigerian meal that though, originated from the urhobos, a major tribe in Delta state, Southsouth Nigeria; it is now a household delicacy among the over 250 tribes in Nigeria.

The name banga soup belongs to the urhobos, the igbos call it ofe Akwu and the Efik (from Akwa Ibom). The preparation and ingridients of banga soup by the different tribe may vary but the ripe palm nut remains constant. It can be eaten with starch, eba, fufu, semo, pounded yam, wheat, yam plantain and yam. Just name it.

Is Banga Soup Good for Pregnant Women?
Can a pregnant woman eat Banga soup?

Banga soup has numerous nutritional value and health benefits. It cantains essential vitamin like vitamin A, K and E, magnesium, calories, proteins, sodium, phosphorus, polysaturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. A very important property of Banga Soup is that it contains zero cholersterol.

Palm nut soup is good for the heart, muscles, eyes, and brain function.The vitamin vitamin E in Banga Soup is powerful natural anti-oxidants that help in protection against cancer and guarantees to give your skin a fresher look and lowers your cholesterol level, thus protecting against heart diseases. This vitamin also prevent cataracts and diabetes.

There is no age group or disease condition that banga soup in contra-indicated (forbidden), whether you are old, young, diabetic, hypertensive, stomach ulcer patient, asthmatics and even in pregnant women…..there is no side effect that has been recorded or reported as far banga soup is concerned.

Now to main topic of the this artice………

Is Banga Soup Good for Pregnant Women?

The answer is a big YES. Banga soup is completely safe in pregnancy as it does not affect the pregnant woman or the baby in any way. Some people have rumoured that banga soup causes big babies (macrosomic babies); that is, it makes unborn babies weight to be greater than 4kg and this will make it difficult for the woman to have a vaginal delivery leading to caeserean section. Others have said banga soup causes congenital birth defects in babies.

These claims are completely false and there are no scientific evidence or research to proove these bogus claims. As a doctor, i have encouraged many pregnant women to consume good amount of palm nut soup till delivery and there have not been any negative reports whatsover.

In fact, non-pregnant and pregnant women should add banga soup to their diet because of these benefits:

➡️ the magnesium and vitamin B6 in banga soup helps to reduce the effect of premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as insomnia, weight gain,bloating, leg swelling and breast tenderness.

➡️ Vitamin A and Vitamin E in Banga soup are very important in reproductive health and boost the immune system of pregnant women. They help the skin and mucous membranes repel bacteria and viruses more effectively.

➡️ Vitamin A is and antioxidant and very vital for good vision for both the mother and the unborn child.



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