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As a couple trying to conceive or achieve a pregnancy, you should definitely give TIGER NUTS a try. There are so many health benefits of tiger nuts that might make your head spin.

This article focus on the Benefits/Importance of tiger nuts for male and female sexual health and fertility plus in pregnancy.

What Are Tiger Nuts?

They are actually tubers, which are a sort of root vegetables. In some countries they are called nut grass or earth almonds. In Nigeria it’s popularly refer to as “Hausa groundnut”.
Tiger nuts are hypoallergenic superfood, which means that they are not very likely to cause allergies and they are very nutritious.

importance of Tiger nuts to Male and Female fertility
The amazing importance of Tiger nuts to Male and Female fertility

They are a source of sugar, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, sodium, as well as high content of vitamins C and E.

In addition, Tiger nut milk has no lactose hence good for individuals who are lactose intolerant and contain a higher magnesium, iron, and carbohydrates than cow milk.

The Wonders Of Tiger Nuts Milk Drink (Which Includes Date And Coconut) For Men:

💥Tiger nut milk drink will definitely boost your energy both in and out of the bedroom.

💥Regular consuming of tiger nut will increase your sexuality very much. For the record, the APHRODISIAC properties of tiger nuts and a special tiger nut milk drink (which includes date and coconut) have been used to boost libido and stimulate arousal in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

💥Studies have shown that Tigernut and it’s milk thereof increases the male sperm count and motility rate, this is basically because it is rich in VITAMIN E, ZINC, QUERCETIN.

The Vitamin E helps with sperm motility. By this, the sperms are able to move actively to fertilize the egg while Zinc, Quercetin exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the body thereby facilitating reproduction, increases sexual arousal and performance in men, as well as boosting the energy level. Little wonder it’s called “natural Viagra”.

💥Tigernut milk drink is also rich in omega 3, fatty acid. This fatty acid helps prevent plaque accumulation in the arteries and improve blood flow to the genitals thereby helps to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Tiger nuts Health Benefits For Women you may not know:

💥Tigernut milk drink also enhances fertility in women because of the presence of ZINC, antioxidant QUERCETIN and VITAMIN E, which helps in regulating immune responses and a perfect immune system booster.

💥Tigernut milk drink is rich in vitamin E, this vitamin E, can help trigger normal menstruation and prevent the decline in ovulation. Hence tiger nuts can help you normalise your menstruations and avert ovulation decline.

💥Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy: It can also help maintain pregnancy in women by preventing premature delivery.

💥The Vitamin E in tiger nuts can prevent the oxidation of polyunsaturated fats, thus helping you lose any excessive weight before pregnancy as numerous studies have shown that having the weight that is considered normal for your body is very beneficial in the process of conceiving a child.

💥Contrary to widespread belief, tiger nuts plays no role in treating or shrinking or removal of fibroids. See a gynaecologist if you have uterine fibroids.

In all, Tigernut milk drink with a combination of coconut milk and dates exhibits anti-cancer, anti-hypertention and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s quercetin and zinc content makes it a natural substitute treatment for erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and every other fertility treatment in both men and women.

If you and your partner struggle with infertility and are undergoing treatment for it, you both would need to consume tiger nuts in one way or the other as it will significantly improve the success rate of the treatment.

Try incorporating tigernut milk drink in your daily fruit juice intake today, for a healthier Prolific-Health-Life.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about tiger nuts and how they can help you in your journey of achieving pregnancy. We wish you all the best and good luck!

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