See the classical pictures of oral herpes (cold sores), oral herpes simplex images, cold sore pictures on the lips, cold sore herpes pictures.

SO THE OTHER DAY, a tweeter @kandiwapa11, shared a pic of the sores he got on his mouth days after having oral sex with a woman. He said he got sick for 3 days [see attached pic].
Shortly afterwards, the post went viral on social media. A lot of people had a lot of things to say.

See the classical pictures of oral herpes (cold sores)
Mouth ulcers (cold sores) from oral herpes

While quite a number of persons correctly identified the sores as those of oral herpes, a viral infection, plenty others refuted it, dismissing it to be just “due to fever” or “malaria”.

In the same vein, some others who correctly identified it as oral herpes rubbished the claim that it could also be got from performing oral sex on someone else. And to make matters worse, even some so-called health professionals held the same belief.

It is so appalling that some “health professionals” now join the bandwagon of the uninitiated with regard to such sensitive sexual health topics, deceiving the masses when they should know better. Even if they don’t, Google is always there to help out. A quick Google search would have sufficed and covered their ignorance.

So as a form of summary, ladies and gentlemen, what you see in the pictures are the COLD SORES from ORAL HERPES infection. It is a viral infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV 1). It causes the sores on the mouth that people attribute to “fever” or “malaria”. It is never caused by MALARIA. While it is commoner in children, it can also be transmitted via oral sex from an infected person.

oral herpes simplex images
Images of oral herpes simplex

The other type of herpes virus that causes sores is HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS 2 (HSV 2) that causes the GENITAL HERPES infection. This one causes the genital sores which could be got from having sex with an infected person.
Both types of viruses can be transmitted via different forms of sex.

From genitals to genitals via peno-vaginal sex; or from genitals to mouth/mouth to genitals via oral sex. Oral herpes could even be transmitted from mouth to mouth via kissing.

Majority of people who have the virus do not show symptoms. They are said to be ASYMPTOMATIC. Therefore the best way to be safe from it is to avoid sex, because even condoms can’t give 100% protection from the genital herpes. This is because it can affect the area of the skin not covered by condoms during sex.

You can’t be reading my posts on sexual health and remain uninformed.

Mbanu! Odiro eme eme! E no dey happen!

Stay informed.

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