Is it bad to eat late at night if you’re hungry?, Does eating late at night cause weight gain?, can i eat late at night and still lose weight?

When it comes to weight gain or loss, it is not the time of day that makes the difference, it’s what you are consuming and how you are burning it. Weight gain and weight loss comes down to a simple math equation!!!!!!

Is it bad to eat late at night if you're hungry?
Is it bad to eat late at night if you’re hungry?

“Too many calories taken in versus not enough expended on any given day, regardless of the time, will lead to weight gain.”Our metabolism is a complex process. You might think that your metabolism slows down drastically at the end of the day and, therefore, your body does not burn off the calories you consume at night.

But in fact, even though your metabolism is slower at night when you are stationary than when you are active, your metabolism never stops working, even when you are sleeping.

Calories consumed at night won’t change your metabolism or count more than calories consumed during the day. A problem with eating at night is poor food choices are more likely late at night when fewer healthy options are available.

Emotional eating or eating when tired may also lead to poor food choices. Choose nutrient dense foods if you’re truly hungry after dinner. Like carrots, apple slices, grapes. Just ensure your physical activity balances your caloric intake.

Here is the reason you eat late at night and still wake up hungry 👇

You know when you eat foods containing sugars or high carb diet, insulin helps to mop up excess glucose from the blood. High insulin secretion after a high carb meal will lead to a drastic reduction in blood sugar. Which can cause hypoglycemia making us feel hungry again when we wake up.

Insulin is a hormone that helps to reduce blood sugar. When you eat and your body digests your food your blood receives sugar. But these needs to enter your body cells in order for them to survive. Insulin helps to drive sugar into your body cells so that you can be active.

The insulin remove most of the sugar from your blood. So that is why you would feel hungry after a sugary night snack. Because all the sugar has been removed from your blood. Hope you can understand now.

In summary, weight loss or weight gain solely depend on how much calorie you take in and how well you expend or burn these calories. So eat when you fell hungry any time of the day as hypoglycemia is far more life threatening than weight gain…. It is however advisable you eat more of fruits and less carbs at night.

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