List of baby teething powders in Nigeria and their dangers.

Teething Powders and teething mixtures are the MOST HIGHLY UNNECESSARY and at times HIGHLY DANGEROUS drugs/substances Mums use for their babies.

Some mums even start giving their babies from Day 1 for what??!!!

Teething is a normal physiological process or milestones like the child growing bigger, sitting, crawling, walking and saying the first words!!!

How come there is no WALKING POWDER or SPEAKING MIXTURES???!!!

SAY NO To TEETHING POWDER, TEETHING MIXTURES aka Piccan, Babyrex, my pikin, GBOMORO, Ashton and Parsons, BONABEBE and such likes.

They are not only unnecessary but can be very dangerous. Remember what happened with “My Pikin” teething mixtures saga? If you don’t know, Google it!

Dangers/Side Effects of teething powders

1. KIDNEY FAILURE: as a doctor, I have seen a good number of baby’s that suffered kidney failure after taking teething syrups. Some died while others had to undergo dialysis to salvage the kidneys. Those who recovered developed permanent kidney injury that required kidney transplant.

2. LIVER INJURY: A baby’s liver is poorly suited to excrete toxic chemicals found in most teething powders so they accumulate leading to liver damage.

3. JAUNDICE: teething powders can cause yellowing of the eyes in baby’s as a result of liver injury

4. BRAIN DAMAGE: As they can cause jaundice and liver failure, bilirubin, a substance that causes the yellowing of the eyes can accumulate in the brain leading to brain injury, learning difficulties, and cerebral palsy.

5. ALLERGY: allergic reaction which may include rash, tongue sores, tongue swelling, facial swelling and difficulty in breathing.

6. SEIZURES: Teething syrups according to the UK government warning, can trigger seizures in babies.

Teething powders in Nigeria
Beware of the numerous teething powders in Nigeria

Here are some tips to help your baby feel better while teething:

💠Use a clean finger (or cold teething ring) to gently rub your baby’s gum for about 2 minutes at a time. Many babies find this soothing, although they may protest at first.

💠Provide safe objects for your baby to chew on, such as teething rings.

💠If needed, give your baby an over-the-counter pain reliever e.g. Paracetamol that is labeled for his or her specific age. Read and follow all instructions.

💠Do not give aspirin to anyone younger than 20, because it has been linked to Reye syndrome, a rare but serious disease.

Lest I forget:

Teething Powders are medications and sometimes herbal product traditionally used in infants for the symptomatic relief of pain and gastric upset associated with teething.



Dr Gbemisola Boyede

Ask the Paediatrician


  1. Pls thank you for saving my baby from danger of teething drugs. I was about going out to buy one, then I say I should make a research on a particular one and how safe it is then I saw your post thank you once again

  2. Have given my baby babyrex for few days cos she suddenly developed high temperatures and i felt is teething.seeing ur post now i will discontinue wit d teething mixture and give paracetamol like u said, thanks alot for this piece.
    Exactly as said about d side effects “ my baby has rashed and swollen face”


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