The Dangers of Using Rotten Tomatoes To Cook Stew….

Retailers of tomatoes sort out, isolate and sell these rotten tomatoes at cheap rates. These ‘fallen’ tomatoes are visibly soft, leaking their liquid content as they decay.
Most rotten tomatoes also grow mold on their bodies and serve as abode for worms and maggots too.

These worms are maggots or larvae of common houseflies which deposit their eggs when they perch on the tomatoes. Maggot-infested tomatoes cause bacterial poisoning when consumed.

Once tomatoes become rotten, they will have microorganisms, mostly fungi, and fungi in rotten tomatoes produce mycotoxins which are deadly and induce cancer, and cause immune deficiency in man and animals.

Dangers of Using Rotten Tomatoes To Cook Stew
The Dangers of Using Rotten Tomatoes To Cook Stew

Mycotoxins are deadly and can cause all sorts of poisoning in the body. Some research suggested that mycotoxins could also cause kidney damage and liver cancer.”

Some people think that rotten tomatoes which are cheap can be consumed after washing and heating. This is not true as toxins cannot be washed or killed by heating because mycotoxins are heat-resistant.

Mycotoxin is a toxic substance produced by fungi and it is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals. They are naturally occurring toxins from molds which cause a variety of adverse health effects.

The damaging effects of consuming rotten tomatoes are enormous and in fact, not instant but gradual. Four major organs (liver, kidneys, intestinal tracts and skin), responsible for eliminating toxins from the body will begin to diminish in function,and then the body’s immune system breaks down too resulting in illness.

The body organs involved in the role of detoxification begin to fail in function when these toxic substances overwhelmingly become too much for the body to detoxify.

Some tomatoes sellers may argue that not all soft and wrinkled tomatoes are rotten and spoilt because some of these fresh tomatoes burst and get punctured as they are being packaged and arranged in baskets from the farm to the point of sale.

This argument is validly true. It is common knowledge that when fresh tomatoes are exposed to heat or high temperature, they become soft and subsequently burst.

However, it is important to state clearly that it is at this point that these fresh tomatoes are prone to infestation by houseflies which leave maggot and larvae deposits in their wake
Special attention should be paid to the tomatoes we buy before slicing, grinding or consuming them. It must also be noted that fresh tomato left for days may have become rotten without growing mold on it.

The dangers of eating rotten tomatoes
Rotten tomatoes contains mycotoxin that can cause liver cancer

These rotten tomatoes are dangerous to health when consumed. I therefore implore everyone, particularly our restaurants to desist from buying and consuming rotten tomatoes.In order to avoid cancer, avoid the consumption of spoilt tomatoes.

PS: Rotten tomatoes is also known as broken tomatoes in our local parlance or “awarawa tomatoes’ in Eastern Nigeria markets.




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