Herbal treatment for piles (hemorrhoids), Can Moringa, Bitter Kola, Bitter leaf, Onion, Neem leaves and Scent Leaf Cure Pile?

Piles or hemorrhoids are dilated, enlarged and varicose veins in the anus that most times causes anal bleeding, anal soreness, anal excoriation and sometimes severe anal pain.

Can Moringa, Bitter Kola, Bitter leaf, Onion, Neem leaves and Scent Leaf Cure Pile
Does herbal treatment for piles work?

A lot of treatment modalities especially herbs have been suggested as cure for piles by local drug hawkers, tradomedical doctors, spiritual healers, herbalists, and quacks parading themselves as medical doctors on the social and mainstream media.

I culled this herbal treatment for piles from a facebook post…👇

“Cure internal pile
Get 13 scent leaves, 3 bitter leaves and 1 pawpaw leave in a clean container. Wash and squeeze them thoroughly in 5cl portable water. Add 1 tablespoonful of lime orange and stir very well. Adult can take 4 tablespoonful while children can take 2 tablespoonful of the medication
Note: prepare this medication on daily basis and take it in the morning and evening before meal for 2 weeks.”

Can Moringa, Bitter Kola, Bitter leaf, Onion, Neem leaves and Scent Leaf Cure Pile?
Can Moringa, Bitter Kola, Bitter leaf, Onion, Neem leaves and Scent Leaf Cure Pile?

But is this true?

Can bitter leaf cure pile

Absolutely NO. Though bitter leaf has its health benefits, there is not scientific proof or evidence that shows that it can be used to permanently cure hemorrhoids. All the persons who have tried using bitter leaf as cure for hemorrhoids have landed in the hospital due to complications (like pile infection, piles engorgement pain and bleeding) and they ended up having the hemorrhoid surgery they were trying to avoid.

Can Moringa cure pile?

This plant is the new wonder drug to tradomedical practitioners but moringa have never been a remedy for piles both in African and Ayurvedic Medicine. Disregard any information you heard about Moringa curing piles. Don’t waste your time and money.

Can scent leaf cure pile?

The post I quoted above said “13 leaves mixed with bitter leaf can cure piles”. But this is not true…. Scent leaves is a popular leaf beat used to prepared black soup and pepper soup but it does not cure piles. Although it helps in bowel movement and a good source of fibre which is recommended for piles patients.

onion treatment for piles

I once heard a woman selling her local her herbs telling her customers to slice raw onions and put it on the hemorrhoids and they will vanish in 24 hours. Some of the women who knew her from another market queried her that they have been trying same method for months but it didn’t work and they wanted a refund of their money. The herbalist took to her heels and never returned to that market.. What does this tell you? Onion has not effect whatsoever in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Neem leaves for piles

Yes, dongonyaro as it is popularly called in Hausa, a major language in Nigeria, effective against malaria parasite (research-based) but not against piles… You will only waste your time and energy trying it.

Can cocoyam leaves, roots or juice cure piles?

I had to cull this from facebook for you to know that people actually think it is possible for cocoyam roots, leaves or juice to treat piles.

According to the post:

“Treat pile/hemorrhoid
Use the healing power in this 👇 cocoyam juice I will like to share with you. The juice works for Hemorrhoids (in English), Ako Jedi (I guess in Yoruba).
When the leaf is cut, the juice that comes out of it should be rubbed on hemorrhoids (pile) that have shootout from the anus, the juice will make the pile return back. This is tested and trusted. Please share now even in your groups and save lifes.”

Herbal treatment for piles
Cocoyam juice for piles

Bit is this true? No… It will only complicate your condition and lead to the infection of the piles, bleeding and severe itching (from allergy).. Don’t try this.

Can Bitter Kola cure Piles?

Some told me it does when eaten raw buy this is not only untrue but also unproven. Bitter kola has numerous health benefits but treating hemorrhoids is not one of them. Being bitter does not give any herb potency. It is a myth.

Witch Hazel for Piles

It actually relives symptoms of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is have been shown to reduce pain, itching and bleeding until hemorrhoids fade out. There isn’t much scientific support for its use but it does contain tannins and oils that may help bring down inflammation and slow down bleeding. Its users say it tightens the and skin plus mucosal and helps drives in the piles. Doctors won’t still classify witch hazel as a definitive treatment for piles.

What now works? How can hemorrhoids be treated successfully?

It is straight forward….. Grade 1 or 2 piles may be treated with drugs or creams and diet modifications while grade 3 or 4 will require surgery.. Surgery for hemorrhoids removal is known as hemorrhoidectomy. Persons with hemorrhoids should eat high fibre diet.

The end.



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