What Kills Ladies During Brazilian Butt Lift/Butt Enlargement Surgery?

The desire for a bigger butt and curvaceous body is steadily increasing among women in our climes.

Plastic surgery has made that wish very easy to achieve.

All a lady needs is some dollar bills, a willing heart and a skilled surgeon.

What Kills People During Brazilian Butt Lift/Butt Enlargement Surgery?
Before and after pictures of BBL/butt enlargement surgery

The commonest method used by plastic surgeons to achieve this is called Abdominal Liposuction and Brazilian butt enlargement/Fat Augmentation.

What this entails is that excess fat is sucked from your abdomen and all other unwanted places & transferred to your buttocks, hips & breast.

Fat augmentation
Breast Enlargement from fat augmentation
What can go wrong? FAT EMBOLISM!!!!! During the process, the surgeon has to be careful that he does not introduce fat bubbles into any blood vessel. If this happens, the fat moves straight to your heart and then to your lungs.
Brazilian butt lift/Breast enlargement from fat transfer
Breasts: Before and after fat transfer

You start feeling breathless and you can die immediately depending on the size of the introduced fat.

What you can do?

Make sure your surgery is done by a trained, licensed and reputable plastic surgeon.

Ask his name and do some research.

There are VERY GOODS ones in Nigeria.

Breast lift
Breast lift: flabby breasts of a lady lifted.

Other sources of deaths from from Brazilian Butt Enlargement are:

  • Bleeding – Though rare, uncontrolled bleeding during BBL surgery can lead to death.
  • Anaesthetic complications may result in death during butt enlargement surgery.
  • Remember the popular Abuja big girl that died from complications of BBL in 2019, she died of disseminated intravascular coagulopathy – a form of bleeding disorder.
  • Infection: Wound infection of the surgical sites can spread to the blood and lead to death.
  • Unskilled hands/Quacks: A highly skilled plastic surgery procedure being performed by a quack or a doctor not trained in that field can lead to avoidable mistakes and death.
  • Medical Conditions: ladies with pre-existing medical diseases like hypertension, diabetes , kidney diseases, liver problems and bleeding disorders may not survive brazilian butt lift, butt enlargement surgery or any cosmetic surgery procedure.





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