Contemplating Suicide? Battling Depression? Please call these suicide emergency numbers.

About Suicide…

In light of recent Suicide events (the UK celebrity and the yet to be Identified Nigerian young man), that hit the airwaves. I would like to share this. Some of you may know, that I am a Psychiatrist working in Nigeria. But, what you may not know is that my colleagues and I handle Suicide hotlines provided by SURPIN (Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative in Nigeria) We get tons of calls on it.

The other day, a caller from one of the hotlines, came to the suicide clinic so I could spend more time to find out what was going on with them. This young person started out by saying “I don’t even know if I should be here,…I have thought about walking out the door, just the same way I came in”. He was in tears as he spoke. “I am not even sure you will understand, is there treatment for whatever is wrong with me?” I let him speak, uninterrupted. He then goes:” I don’t know ‘how’ to live this life anymore, I have tried, I am doing all I know to be right, but nothing just seems to be working out for me”.

suicide emergency numbers
Suicide emergency numbers are now available

As always, when I sit with any hotline caller, the one who was brave enough to call the hotline and say the words “ I am thinking of suicide” my heart literally shatters!! I could see how much anguish and frustration laced his words. So, I sat there and let him pour out his mind. He had so much to say,…I listened and only interjected whenever I needed to clarify things. He shed endless tears as he unburdened his spirit.

There are many people like this young man out there, fantasizing with thoughts of whether or not to take their lives, not speaking about it to anyone. Most times, a listening, non-judgmental ear renews their hope again. He is on the path to being fine now. Through my conversation with him and his complaints (bodily symptoms, unusual feelings, disturbed emotions and thought patterns and his perception of life now), I made a diagnosis of severe depression with suicidal thoughts. Although, for him, his life stressors preoccupies his mind, and that is what an untrained eye will only see. He had been seriously contemplating ending it all.

But, the good thing is, he is now getting help for Clinical Depression, while we try to work out his other concerns.

Symptoms of depression include but are not limited to:

Persistent undue sadness/Irritability

•Low energy (weakness)

•Loss of interest in activities (previously pleasurable)

* Inability to get out of bed to face the new day, wanting to stay in bed all day

•Weeping spells.

•Reduced appetite

•Reduced libido

•Forgetfulness (events, details, content of conversations)

•Problems with assimilation, attention, concentration.

* Indecisiveness (second guessing self and doubting your ability)

•Self loathing, blame, regrets and feelings of guilt

•Low self-esteem, loss of confidence

•Symptoms of Anxiety (feeling tensed/wired or overwhelmed, palpitation, persistent headaches)

•Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness

•Suicidal behaviors (starving self, exposing self to danger)

*Passive suicidal ideas (wishing the world would come to an end or God to just take your life)

*Active suicidal ideas/plan (actual plans to poison, overdose, to slit wrist or hang self).

Suicidal attempt: A deliberate act of self-harm with the intention to die.

N.B 90% of cases of suicide are linked to mental disorders with Depression being a major contributor.

Get help today, if you can relate to this post.

Speak to your doctor, to get a referral letter to a mental health specialist or visit for more information on how you reach us.

This is a tribute to all those who succumbed to their suicidal thoughts and took their lives whilst fighting an unseen battle.

May their souls find rest.

SURPIN Hotlines

Please call these suicide emergency numbers now:

0908 021 75555

0903 440 0009

0811 190 9909

0701 381 1143


Other languages coming soon.

SURPIN is a coalition Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Social workers and other allied Mental Health experts. We have foot prints in over 30 states in Nigeria through our colleagues working in various public and private institutions in Nigeria.

Dr. Kafayah

(Consultant Psychiatrist )


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