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Goat curry sauce recipe

Ingredients Box

You can replace the Goat meat with chicken or anything you want.


Goat meat

Green pepper


Diced potato (Irish)

Minced ginger

Scorched Bonnet (atarodo)

Red pepper (tatashe)

Vegetable oil

Seasoning (curry, thyme)

Salt to taste

Ingredients for cooking goat curry sauce

Directions /how to prepare goat meat curry sauce 

1. No.. You are not Boiling the meat the usual way. Make sure you marinate well..

  • Marinate the goat meat with salt
  • Add curry
  • add thyme
  • Add seasoning
  • Rub thoroughly together and leave to marinate for several hours and overnight .
Preparing goat meat sauce.

2. Now get a frying pan,

Add vegetable oil

Add the sliced onion and

minced ginger. Then fry.

Goat sauce
Cooking goat meat sauce

3. Yea.. Cook-fry the meat in the Oil under low heat for several minutes. It’s a Curry sauce.. So add as much curry & spices as you like it.

  • Add the marinated goat meat and cover the pot
  • Leave the simmer over the low heat for 35 -45 minutes.
  •  When the meat is tender,  add the chopPED atarodo
  • Pour some water
Directions for preparing goat meat sauce

4. Seasoning time

  • add some more seasoning
  • Add salt
  • More curry
  • Add more thyme and then
  • leave to boil
Goat meat soup
goat meat sauce preparation

5. Add the remaining ingredients

  • Add the dices Irish potato and cook for few minutes
  • Then add the red and green pepper
  • Add chopped carrots
  • Leave to simmer for five to ten minutes
  • Food is ready
  • Serve and enjoy
Goat meat soup is now ready.
Goat meat sauce can be served with rice
The potato is there to thicken the sauce.. If you like, you can replace with flour, yam or any type of thickener/ chops you like.
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