Mentholatum does not cure cold/catarrh. Mentholatum does not cure cold/catarrh.

Rubbing menthol all over the body can make you feel good but mentholatum does absolutely nothing to cure cold/catarrh.

So why does it “work” when I rub?

Actually it does NOT work. If by “work”, you mean to cure the cold. Cold & catarrh is caused by a virus. A menthol rub cannot “cure” it. What it does is the strong smell of menthol tricks your brain into thinking that your breathing is better.

Another important point is many mentholatum products can work as mild painkillers if applied. So when you rub it all over your body, it can help with general body aches, so you feel better/ And of course the strong menthol smell is quite soothing- so you think “it’s working”.
Mentholatum does not cure cold/catarrh
Mayoclinic confirms this
So a menthol rub makes you feel good and the smell makes you feel your nose is better. But actually it’s a mirage. What it is doing is help you feel better about the situation, but it does NOT actually cure it. The cold virus will go on its own. Mentholatum or no mentholatum.
So why am I talking about it?
Because mentholatum can be VERY DANGEROUS for children under 2years old. It can trigger a serious reaction in children that can lead to instant death. Again, to be clear, mentholatum does NOT cure cold and catarrh, so you are better off without it.
So if I have a cold and catarrh, what do I do?
Very simple.
Keep warm.
Put off AC.
Drink lots of water and juice.
Take paracetamol if any headaches.
Gargle (not swallow) salt water to help with sore throat.
Cold drinks, ice cream and ice cubes also help with sore throat.
Do you need antibiotics?
NO. You don’t need it. Again, cold and catarrh is caused by a virus. It will go on its own- regardless of what you do. It will only stress you. But the simple tips I shared up there can help you cope better with the symptoms and stress it will cause you.
Common cold may take up to 2weeks to clear- but it will go. Just stick to the tips up there. But if you have high fever, feel drowsy, unable to eat/drink, lose consciousness, or you have it for 3weeks or more, please call your doctor. It may be something else going on.


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